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4/11/2022 - 4/16/2022

Weekly Announcements

1) Vickery Social Event: THIS WEEKEND! We still have room for 5 teams left.

Vickery Beer Pong Tournament/Day Party

More info at link below! All welcome!

2) Easter Weekend Schedule

Friday April 14th: Normal Classes

Saturday April 15th: Normal Classes

Sunday April 16th: Closed

Monday April 17th: Normal Classes



A) E2mom x 5

5 Burpee Pullups

5/side Db Thruster

AMRAP Plank hold in time remaining


B) EMOM x 20min*

Min 1: Pullups> Negative > Barbell Pullups

Min 2: 10 KB Front Rack Walking Lunge (53/35)


C) 50-40-30-20-10

Supinated Ring Rows

Two Count Flutter Kicks



A) 3 Rnds in 9min

20 JJ

8 Yoga Burpees


10 Bench Press


B)Every 3min for 5 Sets

10 Bench Press

*Building to a heavy sets that needs a spotter


C) 22min Amrap


7 Hang Power Clean

7 Push Press

R60s Minimum



Every 3:30 x 12sets (42min Total)

Set 1) 500/450m Row

Set 2) 400m Run*

2:20min Cap

(running scale is 33/27 cal AB)



A) 3 Sets 9min

10 Alternating Primal Shoot Throughs

10 Alt Primal Hold Shoulder Taps

15sec Chin Over Bar Isometric Hold

10 Scapular Chin Ups

15sec Bench Dip Stretch

10 Bench Dips


Every 3:30sec for 4 sets

B1) 10-12 Box Dips @2111

B2) 20 Crossbody Curls


C) For Time


50m/side Single side farmers carry

Per arm KB Farmers Hold DB Arnold Press

Per Arm KB Power Clean



A) Every 2min for 4 Sets (8min)

8 KB Split Stance RDL - Rt Leg Forward

6 KB Cossack Squat - Rt Leg

4 KB Elbow Supported Rows Rt Arm

8 KB Split Stance RDL - Lft Leg Forward

6 KB Cossack Squat - Lft Leg

4 KB Elbow Supported Rows Lft Arm


Every 4min for 3 Sets (12min)

B1) 10-12 Heel Elevated Front Squat @ 2020

B2) 10-12 Frog Stance Deadlift @ 2020


Every 6min for 3 Sets (18min)

C1) 10 Gob Hold Cossack Squat @20X0

*Perform all reps on one leg before

switching to the other

C2) 14 Alternating Steps KB Front Rack Box Step Ups

C3) 12/leg Bulg Split Jumps


D) For Time


T2b > T2R > Kipping KR > Suitcases

No Push Up Burpees



Every 4min x 36min:

Station 1: 550/500m Row/Run/Bike

Station 2: 35 Kipping Pullups

Station 3: 40 Push Ups

(Rest in time remaining at station then rotate)



This Sunday April 17th: CANCELLED - Easter

Upcoming Sunday Specialty Class Schedule

April 24th: Learning Double Unders w/ Bill

May 1: Aerobic Conditioning with Brie


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