Vickery Athletics
April Social Beer pong Tournament

April Social FAQ

  • When is it?  Saturday April 16th 1:00pm @ Vickery Athletics

  • Where is it? Vickery Athletics

  • What is it? A single elimination bracket style male/female partner beer pong tournament. We will have loser bracket as well as other games to occupy the commoners.

  • Who Can Sign Up? : Right now, only Vickery Members can participate in the tournament. 16 team cap for now.

  • Who can be on a team? Teams have to be 1 Female Vickery Member and 1 Male Vickery Member. PLEASE ONLY HAVE ONE OF YOUR TEAMMATES REGISTER!

  • How much to Register?  No entry fee.

  • Prize for first place? $50.00 discount per person May Membership

  • Rules? House rules will be decided and listed. They will be very simple normal beer pong rules.

  • How long will it take? Each game has a time cap so hopefully not too long!

  • Can anyone come? While only Vickery Members can participate in competition, anyone can come hang at the gym and day party. We will have other games for everyone to play and will be just hanging out at the gym. Kids and friends are welcome. 

  • Will drinks be provided? Yes, we will provide beers, seltzers, and non alcoholic soda water. Food will not provided (unless someone volunteers)