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3/9/2020 - 3/15/2020

Updated: Mar 12, 2020



- St Paddy's cancelled at the Renna’s but moved to Jack and Gingers (on Henderson). Vickery will have a bar tab. We will be there at 11am!

We will have a 9am group class Saturday

-Just Regular Open Gym on this Sunday

-Go Be Great workout is a full Saturday March 21st! Please register online if you plan on attending. More info here

-chalk has been temporarily pulled from the gym due to its communal use.

-Remember to avoid touching each other.

- Wiping down equipment and your spot is mandatory now

Also if you are out and see sanitary wipes or hand sanitizer anywhere. Buy it and bring it in. I’ll reimburse u with cash



MONDAY A) Hammer Grip DB Bench @ 31X1 1x10 Warm Up 5x15 Working Rest ~75 + 4 Sets B1) 20 Unbroken Hang Powercleans Rest 30sec B2) 15 Bent Over Barbell Rows Rest 60-90s + C) 1000m Row Time Trial


TUESDAY E3mom x 12 Sets (36min) 10 Thrusters 30 Double Unders > Mtn Climbers 10 Burpees Over Bar


WEDNESDAY A) Team of 3 15 Rounds Total (5 Each) 15 DB Power Clean > 20 Hang Db Power Clean 10 Burpee Box Jumps (24/20) 10 Box Jumps Overs (24/20) *Each person performs 1 whole round then rests while team is going


THURSDAY A) Seated DB Press (45 degree) @31X1 1x10 Warm Up 5x15 Working Rest ~75 + B) 10min Emom Min 1: 12 KB/DB Seesaw Press Min 2: 12 Toes to Bar + 10min Amrap Min 1: 55sec FC Hold Min 2: 30sec Wide Grip Barbell Pullup


FRIDAY A)Front Squat @ 31X1* 1x10 W/U Sets 5x15 Working *Heels Elevated if needed + B) Amrap 22min 5 Pullups 10 Push Ups 20 Airsquat



9am Group Class Only (Not Strength)

Just a group class before the Day party at Jack and Gingers


SUNDAY No Sunday Skills or Movement Therapy. Just Open Gym 11am-1pm

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