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9/25/2023 - 10/2/2023


1) Protein, Prework, Fitaid, and Creatine restocked in Self Check Out retail

2) Two more weeks left of this cycle!

Reminder: If you have not been here or have not been consistent with this program cycle.... THERE IS NO REASON to be lifting extremely heavy on the low rep and HEAVY weight days. A better choice would be to double reps and move to a moderate but still challending weight.



A) 4 Rounds for Quality in 14:00

5 Power Clean Singles

30 Alt Dead Bugs

8 Seated Db Strict Press


B) In 20min in at least 7 Sets

Build to a heavy 2.2 Deadlift

. = Stand up and 3 big breaths



A) In 15min..

3x10 Supinated Horizantal Inverted Row

3x10 Spider DB Curl

3x20sec Hanging KR Hold or SL Hold

3x6-10 Strict into Partner > 10 Partner > 10 Negative


B) 12min AMRAP

2 Pullup

2 T2b

100m Run


C)12min AMRAP

10 Burpees

10/8 Cal Echo



A) 2min/side Elevated Pigeon Stretch


B) EMOM x 14min

Min 1: 5 90degree Rt Heel Touches

5 90degree Lft Heel Touches

10 90 Rotations

Min 2: 12 KB Goblet Cleans


C) In 20min in at least 7 Sets

Build to a heavy 3 Back Squats



A) 10min AMRAP

200m Jog

20 Banded Tricep Press Downs

10 Strict Chin Ups

Trans 1min

B) 10min AMRAP

1min Single Unders

10/side Concentration Curls @ 3111


D) C) In 20min in at least 7 Sets

Build to a heavy 3 Bench Press



A) Emom x 15min

Min 1: 45sec Alternating Crab Reach Overs

Min 2: 45sec Forearm Plank

Min 3: 30sec Slow Superman to Prisoner


B) Alternating with a Partner for Max Total Cals


30sec Row Sprint

30sec Transitions



A) 5 x 10 Back Squat @ 4012


B) For Time w/ 20min Cap

50 Abmat Situp

50 Ring Row

40 Leg Raises

40 Ring Row

30 Abmat Situp

30 Ring Row

20 Abmat Situps

20 Ring Row

10 Ring Row

10 Abmat Situps



This Sunday 10/1: Chest Pump with Stefan

Upcoming Sundays

Rest of Oct TBA

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