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9/19/2022 - 9/25/2022

Weekly Announcements

1) Thank you to all who came out for last weekends social.

2) Two more weeks left of this cycle. Some heavier deadlifts and strict press this week. Arrive to class early to prep yourself for these lifts IF you have been progressing through this cycle consistently.



A) Emom x 8min

Min 1: 10 Burpees

10 Bbell Strict Press

Min 2: 10 Hinged Over Reverse Flies

10 BBell RDL


B) Every 3min for 6 Sets (18min)

3.2.1 Deadlift

. = 10sec Rest/Reset


B) Every 3min for 6 Sets (18min)

3.2.1 Bbell Strict Press

. = 10sec Rest/Reset



Emom x 35min

Min 1: 10 Bodyyweight Tricep Ext

MIn 2: 12/10cal Echo Bike

Min 3: 10-15 WB Throw Sit Ups

Min 4: 15 Dual DB Curls

Min 5: 30sec of Deadbug Hold



A) Emom x 15min

Min 1: 45sec Alternating Crab Reach Overs

Min 2: 20 Suit Cases

Min 3: 30sec of Laying PVC PT or 30sec of Slow Superman to Prisoner


B) 18min AMRAP

10 DB Bench Press AHAP

20 UB WallBall


C) 5 Rounds

2min Max Reps

15 Push Ups

10 Strict or Kipping Pullups




A) Every 3min x 6 Sets*

12 Hang Power Clean (95/65)

12 Burpee Over Bar

50m Heavy Farmers Carry



4 Sets all @ 3011

A1) 10 LM RDL


A2) 8-12 Barbell OH Tricep Ext


A3) 10-15 Deficit wtd Calf Raises


A4) 12 Supinated Seated DB Curls



B) 50-40-30-20-10

Double Unders

Abmat Sitips



5 Rounds for Time

20 Burpees

Run to School Front Lot

20 Airsquats

Run Back



This Sep 25th: Aerobic Conditioning and Abs with Lara

Upcoming Sunday Specialty Class Schedule

Oct 2nd: Arms with Stefan


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