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8/8/2022 - 8/14/2022

Weekly Announcements

1) Next Vickery Social: MARK YOUR CALENDERS

Saturday August 27th

Details announced soon.

2) 2nd Week of New Program

Check into last week's blog post for a run down of this program cycle!



A) EMOMx 10min

Min 1: ~30sec Koji Overhead Hold

Min 2: 10 Barbell RDL



B) Every 4min x 5 Sets

10-12 Koji Press

-Rest about 60s-

10-12 Barbell RDL @30x1

-Rest about 60s-


C) 4 Sets *

3min AMRAP

6/Side SA DB Thruster

6 Burpee Over DB

R30s btwn sets

*Pick up where you left off



A) 10min AMRAP

400m Jog

15 Banded Tricep Press Downs

50 Bicycle Crunches

Trans 1min

B) 10min AMRAP

2min Single Unders

10/side Concentration Curls @ 3111

Trans 1min

C) 10min AMRAP

Echo Bike for Cals at 85%*

*Pick a cadence and stay within a 5 cadence range


D) 10min AMRAP

10/side Russian Box Step Ups

10/side SL Wtd Calf Raise



A) 2 Rounds in 8min

300m Run

10 Scap Chin Ups

10 Lateral Banded Steps per side

10 Banded Goblet Sq @1311


B) 40-20-10- 5

Banded Push Up

Chin Up

*17min Cap


C) 5x10 in 15min

Banded Back Squat @2311



***Garage will be open for todays workout

A) 35min Amrap

100m KB FR/Db FC

300m Run

20 Total Landmine Wind Shield Wipers

300/250m Row



A) Emom x 18min

Min 1: 35sec Tall Kneeling Hammer Curls

Min 2: 35sec Tall kneeling Kb OH Tricep Ext

Min 3: 10-14 Alternating T2b


B) 20min Amrap

15 Coffin Press

10/side KB Chainsaw Row

45sec/side Side Plank



A) 5 Rounds for Time

20 Burpees

400m Run

25 Wall balls

26min Cap



This Sunday Aug 14th: Arms w/ Zach

Upcoming Sunday Specialty Class Schedule

Aug 21st: Abs and Cardio w/ Brie

Aug 28th: Movement Therapy w/ Jess (Neck/Posture/Shoulders)


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