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8/21/2023 - 8/27/2023

Updated: Aug 27, 2023


1) New Coaches in Training

I am happy to announce that this past weekend in-house training started for two new protentional coaches at Vickery.

Autumn Brocher and Victoria Brickert will be having to spend way to much time with me over the next 2 - 4 months. They will be shadowing, co-coaching, and instructing classes in that time frame. If they make it through the Vickery Training Program, they will be coaching classes well before the end of the year.

Picking protentional new coaches is not a choice I take lightly or make easily. We had a great response when we put it out there that the gym was looking for new coaches and I feel that we have picked the two best candidates to become part of the staff.

Please make sure to treat them with respect (well more respect than y'all treat me) and understanding that they will be learning as they go through training.

Thanks team

2) Labor Dar Weekend Gym Schedule

Sat Sep 2nd: 8:30am Only*

Sun Sep 3rd: No Specialty Class

Mon Sep 4th: 9:30am Class, Normal Classes Cancelled*

*Sign up on Pike 13 but ignore waitlist if there is one



A) 3 Rounds

20/15 Echo Sprint

20 Kb/Db Seal Row

10 Building Bench Press


B) Bench Press



C) 14min AMRAP

10 Kipping Pullups

8/side SA DB HG BP

20 Suitcases



A) 7 Sets (~42min)

Row 1m30sec for Cals @70%


Echo 1m30s for Equal Cals @85%




3 Sets in 10min

A1) 16 Alternating Cossack Squat


A2) 8 SL Hip Bridge


A3) 20 UB Ring Rows



B) Every 5:45 for 6 sets

10-12 Goblet Cyclist Squat @3011

12/side Kick Stand Squats @2011

10-12/side Lawn Mower Pulls @2110



A) 3 Sets

8 Reps of 2+2 Rdl+DL

100m DB/Kb Bent Arm OH/FC Walk


B) 5 Sets Deadlift

2.2.2 @3011 (5sec deload)

100 OH Carry



A) 3 Rounds in 9min

15/side Laying External Rotations

10 Slow Scap Chin Ups

20 1/2 Rep Wall Curls


4 Sets in 15min

B1) 10-12 Seated Hvy Hammer Curl @ 3111

B2) 12-15 Tall Kneeling OH KB tricep Ext @3111


C) 18min AMRAP

10 Strict T2b to Strict Pullup

20 Alt Dead Bugs

30 Russian Twistss



A) 3 Sets

10 Back Sqaut

10/side Thread the Needle

10/side Supine Spinal Twists


B) 4 Sets in 12min

8-10 Back Squat


As Fast as Possible

400m Run

30 Burpee

400m Run

20 Cal Row/Echo

400m Run

30 Burpee

400m Run

20 AirSqaut



This Sunday Aug 27th: Arms and Core w/ Stefan

Upcoming Sundays

Sep 3rd: Closed Labor Day

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