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7/4/2022 - 7/11/2022

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

Weekly Announcements

1) Programming: Half Way Through

-We are now entering into more the "strength" portion of the Monday and Wednesday (Fr Sq and Bench). You will see reps lower and your weights jump up. Do NOT push the weights if you are feeling unstable or still unsure with these lifts, just add weight and move well. Moving well is number 1 priority.



Classes Cancelled Today

Enjoy your Holiday!



A) Every 2.5min x 6

Set 1: 500/450m Row

Set 2: 6/side Thread the Needle

10 Barbell Chest to Bar

10 Burpees to Full Sq


B) Front Squat (OR Variation)

6 Sets in 18min*

1x8 Warm Up

2x5 Building

3x4 Hard Working @2011


C) Emom x 12min

Min 1: 12-15sec Echo Bike Sprint

Min 2: 10 Strict Pullups



A) 400m Run


300m Run

20 Yoga Push Up


20/side DB Ext Rot


20 Internal PVC PT


B) Bench Press

6 Sets in 16min*

1x8 Warm Up

2x5 Building

3x4 Hard Working @2011


C) 5 Sets

8-12 DB Bench Press

Right into...

8-12 KB Horn Tricep Extensions

Right into...

8-12 Barbell Bent Over Row

R90sec btwn sets



A) Every 3min x 6 Sets*

10 Hang Power Clean (135/95)

10 Front Rack Forward Lunge (135/95)

10 Burpee Over Bar

10 T2b

*If you miss a round reduce your reps by 2 across the board and continue onto the next minute.

If you miss one of the first two rounds... you definitely scaled wrong.



A) Emom x 12min

Min 1: 60sec Single Unders

Min 2: 10 Ring Face Pulls

Min 3: 20 Plank Up Downs


B) 9min Emom

Min 1: 1-2/arm TGU

Min 2: 10-12/side Hanging Oblique Tucks

Min 3: 10-12 Barbell/DB/Plate Cuban Press


C) E2mom x 8sets

Min 0-2: 10/arm T. Kn. Filly Press

Min 2-4: 8-12 Barbell Curls



A) 10min Amrap

850m Run

Amrap box jumps


B) 10min Amrap

20 Abmat Situps

10 Airsquats


C) 8min Amrap

1000m/900m Row

Amrap Burpees



This Sunday July 17th: Arms w/ Stefan

Upcoming Sunday Specialty Class Schedule

July 17th: Movement Therapy: Hips w/Jess

July 24th: Olympic Lifting Tech and Lift: The Clean w/ Meg

July 31st: Gut and Butt Burner w/ Brie


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