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7/25/2022 - 7/31/2022

Weekly Announcements

1) Last Week of this Program Cycle

- This is the last week of this programming cycle. If you have been here consistently and are feeling good and moving well then get after the heavy front squat and 1RM bench day. You are ready for it. We will jump right into the next program Aug 1. A video about it will be put up here next week.



A) Emom x 12min

Min 1: 10 Small Building Front Sq

Min 2: 10 Scap Pullups... progress to 15sec to of pull up hold

Min 3: 14/11 Echo Bike Cals (50sec cap)


B) Front Squat (OR Variation)

In 18min perform the following sets

1x6 Building

1x4 Building

2x2 Successful Heavy

2x1.1 Heavy Attempts


C) 12min Amrap

10 Strict Pullups > 5-6 Strict > 12-15 HARD Barbell

10 Barbell Thruster (95/65)



A) Consistent Effort at 80-85%

Amrap 0-5min

10 Suitcases

20 Mountain Climbers

30 DU > 15 DU >30 JJ

Amrap 5-10min*

50/40cal Echo Bike

*Rest in time remaining

Amrap 10-15min

10 RKBS (70/53)

20 Mountain Climbers

30sec Bicycle Crunches

Amrap 15-20min*

50/40cal Row

*Rest in time remaining

Amrap 20-25min

10 Burpees

20 Mountain Climbers

30 Situps

Min 25 - Finish

Run an 850m



A) 3 Rounds

30sec/side SA Top of Push Up Plank

10 Small Building Bench Press

10/side Turkish Sit Ups


B) Bench Press

1x6 Building

1x4 Building

1x2 Working

3x1 Successful + two 1 Rep Max Attempts


C) Every 2min for 20min

10 Push Ups

10 Supinated Body Rows



A) 6min for the Following

3 Max Effort Knee Raise Holds


B) 12 Rounds with a Partner*

14 UB Hang Power Snatch

3 Burpees

15/12 Cal Echo Bike

*Alternate rounds (6 each)

*27min Time Cap



A) Every 3min x 5 sets

7-9 Heavy Kb Horn Curls

Right into...

12-15 Heavy DB Hammer Curl


B) Every 3min x 5 sets

7-9 Heavy DB HG Skull Crusher

12-15/side Supinated Plate Kick Back and Squeeze


C) 12min Amrap

10 Banded Upright Row

1 Clockwise and Counter Clockwise Banded Around the Clock



A) 15min Amrap

250/225m Row*

10 Burpees

50 DU

200m Run

* Row can happen anytime in the round


Rest 3min


15min Amrap

10 No Push Up Burpees

50 DU

200m Run



This Sunday July 31st: Gut and Butt Burner w/ Brie

Upcoming Sunday Specialty Class Schedule

Aug 7th: Muscle Up Skill Work w/ Bill

Aug 14th: Arms w/ Zach

Aug 21st: Abs and Cardio w/ Brie

Aug 28th: Movement Therapy w/ Jess (Neck/Posture/Shoulders)


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