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7/18/2022 - 7/24/2022

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

Weekly Announcements

1) Vickery Turns 8 Years Old!

July 19th, 2014 we held our very first official classes. 8 years later we are still here. I want to thank each and every member, current and past, for your support.

Many of y'all reading this have been a part of Vickery for most of its life. Through the days of no air-conditioning/heat, partnership changes, rebranding, renovation, Covid (Aka the twitch streams), and adding new staff/dogs y'all have been there for Vickery offering unconditional support.

Though sarcasm is Vickery's Native Language, I cannot sincerely express enough gratitude to everyone who has made Vickery a home and family.

Thanks as always,


2) The LifeStyle Summer Group Registration is closed.



A) E90sec x 6 Sets (12min)

Set 1: 200/175m Row

Set 2: 10 Barbell Fr Sq

10 Barbell C2b

*50sec cap per set


B) Front Squat (OR Variation)

1x6 Warm Up

1x4 Building

1x3 Building

3x2 Hard Working @2011


C) 10min AMRAP

10 Kipping Pullups

10 Barbell RDL @ 3011



A) 2 Rounds as Group

45sec Primal Hold

15sec Rest

45sec Forearm Plank

15sec Rest

45sec Side Plank L

15sec Rest

45sec Side Plank R

15sec Rest


B) 6 Sets*

3:30min Work

90sec Rest

15/12 Cal Row

20 Primal Shoot Throughs

25 Abmat Sit Ups

10/8 Cal Echo Bike

*pick up where you left off after rest



A)EMOM x 10min

Min 1: 10/arm SA HG BP

Min 2: 40sec of Barbell Hold Windshield Wipers


B) Bench Press

1x6 Warm Up

1x4 Building

1x3 Building

3x2 Hard Working @2011


C) For Time

100 Strict Press (115/85)*

*Every time you move the bar from front Rack in ANYWAY, perform 10 Pronated Ring Rows



A) 10min Amrap w/ Partner

Toes 2 Bar


B) 21min Amrap w/ Partner

6 Power Cleans (155/105)

15 Box Jump (24/20)

30 DU



A) 4 Sets in 13min

20 Light Prone W's

100m 1 KB Front Rack/1 DB Farmers Carry


B) 4 Sets in 13min

15 Barbell Curls

15 OH Barbell Tricep Extension

*do not have to be same weight


C) 13min Amrap

3/side TGU



A) E5min x 7 Sets

Finish in any Order

5 Burpees

10 Pullups > 12 Barbell Pull Ups

15/12 cal Row or 300m Run or 14/111 Echo

25 Air Squats



July 24th: Olympic Lifting Tech and Lift: The Clean w/ Meg

Upcoming Sunday Specialty Class Schedule

July 31st: Gut and Butt Burner w/ Brie


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