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7/12/2021 - 7/18/2021

Weekly Announcements

1) Vickery Turns 7 Years Old THIS Weekend!

-In honor of lucky number 7. Saturday classes will be doing a throw back workout from our 3rd Saturday Class EVER and boy its a doozy...

2) Chalk Ban until Friday!

-Despite 7 years of practice, members cant seem to keep it in the bucket. No chalk is allowed in the gym to give our gracious cleaner and savior a break from cleaning up your disaster areas. Feel free to text Zach for more details if you find this "chalk timeout" unfair.

3) The Lifestyle Nutrition Plan Registration is Closed

4) Sunday Specialty Class @ 11am

July 18th: Olympic Lifting Technique w/ John

- A great opportunity for any skill level to get a bit more familiar or brush up on Olympic Lifting Snatch technique.



A) 3 Sets in 10min

10 Right Arm DB/KB OH Reverse Lunge

3 Right Arm TGU

10 Left Arm DB/KB OH Reverse Lunge

3 Left Arm TGU


4 Sets in16min

B1) 10-12/leg Hand Supported Heavy Bulg Split Squat @2011


B2) 30sec Amrap Frog Stance KB/DB Deadlift



C) 8 Rounds

25sec On/20sec Rest

1: Cyclists Air Squat

2: Bottom of Hinge Hold



A) 9min Emom

Min 1: 20sec/side Adductor Side Plank

Min 2: 8-10 Yoga Push Ups

Min 3: 12 DB Flys


B) 5 Rounds

12 BW Bench Press

12 Strict Pullups

12 Box Dips

12/arm Tripod Row

Amrap Band Supported Pushups (non stop movement)



A) 10min Warm Up Amrap

Coach's Choice


B) E2MOM for 20min:

5 Thruster challenging Thrusters from Rack


C) 11min Amrap

30 DU

6/6 Single Arm Db Hang Clean and Jerks (50/35)



A) Emom x 18min

Min 1: 35sec Tall Kneeling Hammer Curls

Min 2: 35sec Tall kneeling Kb OH Tricep Ext

Min 3: 35sec Bicycle Crunch


B) 20min Amrap


20 PVC Pipe Jump Overs (24/20)

30 Suitcases



A) 4x15 per side Banded Clamshells


B) 4 sets

12 DB Prone Ext Rotation

4-8 UB Widegrip Pullup > Bbell Pullup


C) 6x5 Building Back Squat



3rd Saturday Workout Ever @ Vickery

(dated Aug 19, 2014)

With a partner for time:

600m Farmer's carry

100 T2B

100 Burpees

30 Wall walks

600m Run



July 18th: Olympic Lifting Technique w/ John

Open Gym Members: Gym still open for yall.

Upcoming Sundays

July 25th: Arm Day w/ Zach

August 1: Movement Therapy w/ Jess


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