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6/6/2022 - 6/12/2022

Weekly Announcements

1) New Program Cycle Starting this Week (Video in emails tomorrow)

2) Vickery June Social(s) - Saturday June 18th

-2nd Annual Go Be Great Charity Workout

June 18th @ 9:00am

- Normal class times combined in one 9:30am Class

- No cap on class, register on Pike 13 app

- No donation necessary, GoBeGreat merchandise will be available to purchase day of

- Anyone welcome!

Please read this info page for workout and details.

GoBeGreat Info Page
Download PDF • 588KB

-Jax's Annual Vickery Pool Party

June 18th @ 1:00pm

Facebook invite link below. If it does not work then friend Zach and we will get you invited.



A) Emom x 6min

Min 1: 10 Barbell Front Squat

Min 2: 30sec Primal Hold Shoulder Taps


B) Emom x 6min

Min 1: 10-15 Wallball

Min 2: 6/side Thread the Needle


C) Front Squat (OR Variation)

6 Sets in 18min

2x10 Building Warmup

1x8 Building

3x8 Hard Working @2011*

*remember this number


D) 13min Amrap

2 Rounds

10 Strict Pullups

20 Air Squats


2 Rounds

50/50m Suitcase Carry

20 Frogstance KB DL



A) 18min Amrap

30/24 Cal Echo bike

30 Jumping Jax

20 Situps

20 Leg Lifts

Accum 60sec Hangin KR Hold


B) 18min Amrap

600/525m Row

30 Jumping Jax

20/side Medball Rotational Throw Against Wall

Accum 60sec Top of Plank



A) 9min Amrap

150/100m Row


10 Up to Down Dog Toe Touches

200m Run


B) Bench Press

6 Sets in 18min

2x10 Building Warmup

1x8 Building

3x8 Hard Working @2011*

*remember this number


C) Every 3:30 for 5 Sets

10 Bbell Strict Press (135/95)

10 Gorilla Rows (70/53)

10 Box Dips > Box Negatives > Push Ups

10 Horizontal RR



A) 6 Sets

10 UB Hang Power Snatch (115/85)

10 Box Jumps

20/16 Echo Bike

Rest 2-ish minutes



A) Emom x 10min

Min 1: 15 Light Dual DB/Plate Tricep Ext

Min 2: 45sec Cross Hold


B) Emom x 10min

Min 1: 30sec Top Half Bicep Curl

Min 2: 15 Seated Reverse Fly


4 Sets in 22min

C1) 8/arm Heavy DB Tricep Skull Crushers


C2) 5-10 Wtd Chin Ups


C3) Max UB Straight Leg Hold on Boxes




A) 18min Amrap

15 Wallball

10 Burpee

R 1:1


B)18min Amrap

400m Run/Echo




This Sunday June 12th: Arms w/ Zach

Upcoming Sunday Specialty Class Schedule

June 19th: Core/Abs w/ Stefan

June 26th: Snatch Lift Day (Tech and Lifting)

July 3rd: Cancelled for Holiday Weekend


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