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6/12/2023 - 6/18/2023


1) Reminder that the gym will be CLOSED Saturday 6/24 and Sunday 6/25.

*two weekends from now

We are hosting CE course for Physical Therapists and our coaches will be in attendance.

2) Thank you to Brian and Jules Jackson (and Brie) for hosting a great pool party this past weekend. We appreciate you and the Go Be Great foundation.

3) If you have not picked up your pre order shirts/tanks. Please do that.



A) Emom x 12min

Min 1: 8-10 Yoga Push Ups

Min 2: 7-10/Side Goblet Hold Front Lunge

Min 3: 20 RKBS


B) 5x10-12 @ 3111 (12min)

Barbell RDL



C) 50-40-30-20-10

SA DB Inclined Bench Press (1 knotch up)

Reverse Lunge (70/53) *

*Goblet hold and each leg counts as one

*Each arm bench press counts as one



A) 3min Amrap

10 Scap Pullup

10 Suitcases

Right into...

3min Amrap

10 Superman to Prisoners

5 Burpees


B) 4 Sets in 8min

Max Toes to Bar


8min Amrap Suitcases


C) Every 5min for 4 Sets

200m Run

10-20 Strict Pull Up

300m Run



A) 3 Sets

12 90/90 Hip Rotations

10 FrontSq @ 41x1

10 Strict Press


B) 6 sets from Rack Every 3min (18min)

4 Front Squat +2 Push Press+ 2 Thrusters


C) 4 RFT

8/side Hang DB Snatch into Front Sq (50/35)

20 No Push Up Burpees



A) Emom x 12min

Min 1: 40sec of BW Tricep Ext (any variation)

Min 2: 40sec Plate Cross Hold


B) E2MOM x 6 sets

6-8 Heavy Barbell Curl

Max Effort Db Hammer Curl (max 40sec)


C) Emom x 10min

20sec Flutter Kick

10sec Rest

20sec Plank Hold

10sec Rest


D) 5min AMRAP

Bar hang for total time



A) Front Rack Stretch

2 Min Per Side

Every 10 Sec Do An Air Squat During Stretch


C) 14-12-10-8-6-4-2

TGU (split evenly btwn arms) (53/35)

500/450m Row or 24/19 cal echo*

*Every TGU break is 10 Goblet Squat at end of workout

*35min Cap



A) Groups of 3*

*1 person has to be in top of a plank or top of a pushup the entire time.


900m Run

90 Situps

90 Bench Press (185/125)



This Sunday 6/18: Snatch Lifting Session

Upcoming Sundays

6/25: Gym Closed for Coach's Continue Education Seminar

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