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5/9/2022 - 5/15/2022

Updated: May 10, 2022

Weekly Announcements

1) 2 More Weeks of this Program Cycle.

New Programming Cycle begins Tuesday 5/31.

2) MAY Social Event: Murph and BBQ

Memorial Day Weekend we will be doing Murph on Sunday (closed Monday) and will follow it up with some drinks, burgers, and dogs.

3) Memorial Weekend Schedule

Friday (5/27) and Saturday (5/28): Normal Hours

Sunday (5/29): 9:30am Murph followed by BBQ and Drinks provided by Vickery

Monday (5/30): Gym is closed, Enjoy a day off!


This Sunday May 15th: Arm Day w/ Stefan



A) EMOM x 10min

Strict Pull Up EMOM


B) With a Partner*

10 Rounds for Time

15 Burpee Over Bar

9 Hang Power Cleans (155/105)

6 Front Squats

*Alternating Rounds with a Partner (5 rounds each)

*22min Cap



A) 5 Rounds

10 Up to Down Dog to Ankle Grab

10 DB Strict Press

10 Alternate Crab Reach Overs

10/8 Echo Bike Cals


B) Every 4min x 6 Sets (24min)

25 Push Ups

20 Hinge Variations



A) 9min Emom

Min 1: 20 Alt Bottom of Squat Knee Taps

Min 2: 45sec Jumping Jax

Min 2: 6-8 Inchworms


B) Emom 10min

Min 1: 8 Toes to Bar

Min 2:14/11 Cal Echo Bike


C) 23min Amrap

Partner 1: Run 400m

Partner 2: 15 Wallballs

20 Box Jump Step Downs



A) 23min to do 4 Sets

A1) 20 Plank Up downs

A2) 12 Barbell Supinated Curls

A3) 12 Db Oh Tricep Extensions

A4) 8-10 Chinups


B) With a Partner Each doing a full set


Weighted Anchored Situps

Plank Side Taps (can go together)



A) Every 1min and 10sec

Death by...

Min 1: Db Goblet Squat

Min 2: Db Hang Snatch (split reps even btwn hands)

Workout is over when you can't get all your reps within the time limit.



A) EMOM x 30min

1: 12/10 Cal Row or Echo Bike

2: 10 Box Jump Step Down

3: 10 DB/KB Strict Press



This Sunday May 15th: Arm Day w/ Stefan

Upcoming Sunday Specialty Class Schedule

May 15th: Arm Day w/ Stefan

May 22nd: Abs/Core w/ Brie

May 29th: No Specialty Class. We will do Murph on Memorial Day Weekend Sunday


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