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5/23/2022 - 5/29/2022

Weekly Announcements


The current program cycle ended last week and is kind of coming to an end with Murph this weekend, putting some of the pulling and pushing volume to good use. We will take about a week and half of down time where we just workout, feel good, and move. There will still be specific purpose to each of the next two weeks, but no linear progression like we usually have.

If you plan on attending Murph on Sunday (5/29). Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday will be priority days to help you formulate a scaling and plan of attack for Sunday

2) SUNDAY May 29th - Social Event: Murph and BBQ

Memorial Day Weekend we will be doing Murph on Sunday 5/29 (closed Monday) and will follow it up with some drinks, burgers, and dogs.

FB INVITE BELOW (If it does not work for you then friend request Zach and I will get you into the group

3) Memorial Weekend Schedule

Friday (5/27) and Saturday (5/28): Normal Hours

Sunday (5/29): 9:30am Murph followed by BBQ and Drinks provided by Vickery

Monday (5/30): Gym is closed, Enjoy a day off!



A) Emom x 12min

Min 1: 6/side Thread the Needle

Min 2: 100m Jog

Min 3: 10 Scap Pullups

5 Kb/Db Front Sq

5 Kb/Db Strict Press


B) Emom x 30min

Min 1: 12/10 Echo Bike Cals

Min 2: 25 Air Sq to Target

Min 3: 5 Strict Pullups



A) 4 Rounds

10 PVC Passthrough

10 Barbell RDL


B) Every 6min for 30min

300/250m Row

20 Push ups

10 Deadlift (185/155)

20 Push Ups



A) 4 Sets in 12min

10-12/side Pole Support SA Reverse Fly

20 Alternating Crossbody SL Toes to Bar


B) 4 Sets in 14min

10-12/side Knee Supported Db/Kb Row to Hip

4-10 Cannonball Barbell Pullups OR Chinups


C) 5 Sets in 15min

10/side Concentration Hammer Curls

8-10 Seated Elbows Tucked Supinated Curls @3111



A) Mobility Work


B) For Total Time

850m Run

40 Balls Slams

40 No Push Up Burpee

850m Run

40 Total SA Push Press

40 No Push Up Burpee

850m Run



A) Power Clean Tech Work


B) 6 Sets

90 sec Power Clean (1 every 10secs)

Rest 2min

*Build in weight from set to set if you can



30min AMRAP

Groups of 4

Conga Line Style

10/8 Echo Bike Cals

20 Abmat situps

300m Run



Vickery Annual Murph w/ BBQ and Gym Hangout After. See announcements for more.

May 29th: No Specialty Class. We will do Murph TODAY



1mile Run

100 Pullups

200 Push Ups

300 Air Squat

1 Mile Run

60min Time Cap

Partition and scale any way you see fit. You can even make it a partner workout. We will have a lot of scales available as well to help everyone


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