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5/1/2023 - 5/7/2023

Updated: May 4, 2023


1) 2nd Half of this Program Cycle:

  • This is the 2nd 5 weeks of this cycle. We are doing away this the big 30min EMOM with back squat and RDL. Hopefully you walked away feeling slightly more confident at those movements due to high exposure to them or have the ability to break down the movement to improve it even more. Practice reps make perfect.

  • Pull up EMOM will stay but may not be 2x per week depending on total weekly volume.

  • You will see below that those big days will target the same movement patterns with slightly more complex movements. We will increase weight on some of more complex movements as the next 5 weeks progress.

2) Upcoming Vickery Events/Dates

  • Summer apparel order coming soon. More details to come.

  • Saturday Mat 27th: Murph (closed Sunday and Monday)

  • Saturday June 10th: Annual Go Be Great Charity Workout followed by the Jax Vickery Pool Party



A) 10min Pull Up EMOM


B) E2MOM x 15 Sets

8/leg Barbell Bulgarian Split Squats

10-15 Reps

Alternating Sets

Hammer Grip Curls

Supinated Curls

Reverse Curl


C) 400m DB or KB Farmers Carry



A) 6 Sets

10 Assisted SL KB RDL



B) E3MOM x 10min

12 Seated Military Press

12 Push Ups

12 Bent Over Plate Reverse Flies



6 Sets

500m/450m Row or ~30/22cal Echo Bike

Alternating w/ Partner

*2:10min Cap per repeat


For Time w/ 20min Cap

50 Situp

50 Ring Row

40 Situp

40 Ring Row

30 Situp

30 Ring Row

20 Situps

20 Ring Row

10 Situps

10 Ring Rows



A) Every 7min for 21min

12 Chin Ups

16 Heavy Db Curls

20 Banded Curls

Echo Bike ~12/9 cal per min in Time Remaining


B) Every 7min for 21min

12 Bodyweight Tricep Extensions

16 KB Skull Crushers

10 Dips

Row ~14/10cals in Time Remaining



5 Rounds

6 Snatch Grip RDL

6 Hi Hang Power Snatch


20/15 cal Echo


*Snatch Grip RDL and HH PSna are unbroken.



32min EMOM

Min 1: 15 Wallball

Min 2: 100m Run

Min 3: 10/side Hip Taps

Min 4: 10 Box Jumps"



This Sunday 5/7: Arms w/ Stefan

Upcoming Sundays

5/14: Cardio and abs w/ Brie

5/21: Snatch Lifting Session w/ Zach

5/28: Closed Memorial Day Weekend

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