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4/27/2021 - 5/2/2021

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

Weekly Announcements

1) Next Vickery Social: Saturday May 8th - BBQ and Beers at Vickery!

More info at the fb event link below. Please mark if you are going so we can get a head count. We know its Mother's Day weekend. Bring your mom if she is in town. She knows us.

2) How to bring your friends to class?

Its Easy! Everyone gets a couple trial classes for free to get a feel for our program.

Step 1) Pick a class they would like and tell them about our gym. Set expectations that they aren't showing up to Larry's Shoe Camp, Lemon Theory, or F69.

Step 2) Have them "Enroll" in a class via our schedule on our home page.

Step 3) Text Zach about this. He will reach out to them from there.

3) Join our Private FB Group for Members.



A) EMOM x 6min

Min 1: 35sec Hanging/Scap Pullups

Min 2: 35sec Goblet Curtsy Squat


B) EMOM x 10min*

Pullups> Negative > Barbell Pullups


5 sets for 23min

C1) 7/leg Back Rack Drop Lunge @20x1

*Off of one red and MUCH heavier than last week


C2) 16-20 Alternating Gorilla Row @21X0



D) 11min AMRAP

20 Double Unders

10 Walking Lunges

5/arm Renegade Rows (50/35)



A) Amrap 10min

10 Upper Body Scorpions

10 Faceup Scorpions

5 Burpees


B) Emom x 10min

12 Push Ups > Incline on low bar


5 Sets in 22min

C1) 6-8 Heavy Rack Pulls @31X2

Rest 30s

C2) 12 Tall Kneeling Controlled Bradford Press




A) With a Partner*

4 Sets Each (8 Total)

500/450m Row

*18min Cap


B) Partner Workout "Tail Pipe"

3 Rounds (Each)

250/225m Row

Partner holds 2 Kettlebells(53/35 ) in the front rack position

You may not start rowing until your partner has established the rack position. If your partner drops the KBs before row is complete, you must discontinue rowing until the static hold is reestablished.



A) 3 Sets in 8min

20 Alternating Tall Plank Shoulder Taps

15 Bent Over Reverse Fly

60sec FLR Hold


3 Sets in 18min

B1) 10/arm @20x1 Farmers Press:


B2) 8-10 Weighted Box Dips > Unweighted > Bench Dips


B3) 8/8 Mix Grip Pullups*

*Do each side at once. Goal is Unbroken 8, switch, 8. Weight them if you can do it bodyweight.


C) Ever 4:30sec for 3 Sets

8 Burpees

7 Right Arm DB Power Clean and Jerk (50/35)

8 Burpees

7 Left Arm DB Power Clean and Jerk (50/35)

8 Burpees



A) 3 Sets

20 Banded Hip Bridge on Bench

30sec Good Morning Hold

30sec of Airsquat

15sec KB Star Plank R

15sec KB Star Plank L


5 Sets in 30min

B1) 10/leg Split Stance DB/KB RDL


B2) 15 Unbroken T2b > T2r > Accum 45sec Knee Raise Hang


B3) 7 per side Bbell Back Rack Front to Back Lunges




Groups of 3

35min AMRAP

1200m Row

1200m Run

120 Burpees



Aerobic Conditioning w/ Wes

This is a 40-50min workout w/ Wes that is meant to be a long sweaty low intensity workout. Good for all lvls.

This is included in your membership.

Open Gym Members: This 11am session is not considered Prime Hours so please use your Open Gym as you see fit on Sunday.

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