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4/17/2023 - 4/23/2023


1) General Gym Reminders

- If you are 8min or more late to class, please go to the next class. Also in general please work a bit more on getting to class on time. We have a lot of people who are regularly 3-5min late.

- Every Saturday night cubbies get cleaned out and items get donated. This excludes any real valuables (PS: your yeti is not a real valuable)

- Sunday Specialty Class has a 24 hour cancellation policy. Every other is class is only an hour.

- If you have to cancel a regular class late (within an hour), you can avoid the $10.00 fee by immediately signing up for another class that same day. Please do not abuse this policy.



A) 10min Pull Up EMOM


B) 30min EMOM

Min 1: 10 Back Squat

Min 2: 10 Supinated Seal Row



A) 30min EMOM

Min 1: 10 Barbell RDL

Min 2: 10 Seated HG DB Strict Press


B) 10min DB Push Up EMOM



A) Running Clock

Min 0-5

50/43 Cal Echo


60/50 Cal Row

Min 5-10

40 Suitcases

Jump Rope in Time Remaining

MIn 10-15

400m Run

Pause Suitcases in Time Remaining

Min 15-20

50/43 Cal AB


60/50 Cal Row

Min 20-25

4 Rounds

10 Burpee

10 T2B

Min 25-30

Max Time Under Tension: Any Plank


B) 400m SA Farmers Carry (~70/50)

*As unbroken as possible



A) E4MOM x 4 sets ( 16min)

10-12 Incline HG DB Skull Crusher

10/side Side Lean Lateral Raise

10 Reverse Grip Barbell Curl


B) 10min Pull Up EMOM


C) E3MOM x 6 Sets (18min)

8-12 Leaned Back Supinated DB Curl @ 30X1

8-12 Dips @Controlled Down Tempo and Explode Up



A) Partner 1: 3min Straddle Stretch on wall

Partner 2: 90sec Pigeon Stretch per side



B) 6 Sets

300/250m Row

12 Hang Power Snatch

10 Burpee Over Bar




A) Every 8:30sec x 4 Sets

600/525m Row

30 Push Ups

300m Run

30 Box Jump



This Sunday 4/23: Movement Therapy w/ Jess: Ankles, Knees, Hips

(Please respect waitlist and only come if you get let into the class)

Upcoming Sundays

4/30: Arms w/ Stefan

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