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3/8/2021 - 3/14/2021

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

Weekly Announcements

1) Workouts announced below

2pm Tomorrow Evenbrite Link goes live

Scoring and Week One theme info below

St Patties Post Week One Hang Out

Va Intramural Scoring 2021
Download PDF • 112KB

Download PDF • 7.51MB

2) Sunday Specialty Class @11am- Movement Therapy w/ Jess: Hips and Ankle Focus

An hour on progressing ankle mobility and stability. Literally everyone needs this.




A) 9min Emom

Min 1: 10 Yoga Push Ups

Min 2: 15sec per side Hanging Oblique Raises

Min 3: 8/8 Side Plank Rotations


B) Every 4mins x 6 sets (24min)

4-10 Strict Chest to Bar

6-10 Push Press from Rack


C) E3min x 5sets

20 Alternating KB/DB Top Down Strict Press OR 10 Handstand Pushup OR 3 Wall Walks

200m Run



A) 5min Amrap

10 AirSqaut

10 90/90 Hip Rotations

4 Crab Reach Overs

Right into...

6min Amrap

8 Goblet Squats

4 Strict K2E


B) Front Squat Clusters w/ 10sec rerack

Warm up 8.8, 5.5





r2min btwn sets

*18min to complete


C) 13min Amrap

15 Toes to Bar

15 Wallballs



A) Building 24min EMOM

Min 1: 6/arm Db Split Snatch

Min 2: 8-10/leg Reactive Box Step Ups

Min 3: : 3-4 Rebouning Box Jump Overs


B) 20min w/ a Partner

P1: 15 KB Supinated Curl to Strict Press

P2: Bicycle Crunches while P1 is doing reps

Switch partner for first part

*After each person has done the above, both partners run a 400m together



CrossFit Releases this weeks first Open workout tonight @

I will post programming tomorrow and workout heats Saturday when we know the workout.

A) 21-15-9 in 9min

Push Up to Bird Dog

Bent Over Reverse Fly


B) Bench Press @3111 in 18min

10, 8, 6, 6, 6

*8-10 Laying Db External Rotations btwn sets


5 Sets

C1) 20 Unbroken Banded RKBS


C2) 10 Bench Supports DB Row @21X2




Registration to sign up for the Saturday intramural Open Heats will be released at 2pm today.

A) 10 Rounds with a Partner

20 T2b > T2R> Knee Raises

30 Hang Power Clean (135/95) > scale to db

40cal Row or AB

*Split work evenly



NO REGULAR CLASSES (9/10am)! We will be running Saturday Morning Intramural Open Heats!

Here are our two workouts and standards. If you want to score points in the performance part of this program these are your workout options.

For RX and Scaled you will enter your scores on our VICKERY website starting tomorrow night.

I will release an EventBrite link for you to reserve Saturday Morning spots at 2pm tomorrow.

Read the scoring opportunities and week one theme email sent earlier today.

RX Version of Week One Open Workout (21.1)

For time:

1 wall walk

10 double-unders

3 wall walks

30 double-unders

6 wall walks

60 double-unders

9 wall walks

90 double-unders

15 wall walks

150 double-unders

21 wall walks

210 double-unders

Time cap: 15 min.

As prescribed by Crossfit Open. Read the standards here.

Scaled Version of Week One Open Workout (21.1)*

*This is not prescribed by CrossFit Open.

For time: 1 Strict Press (85/55) 10 Lateral Bar Hop Over 3 Strict Press (85/55) 30 Lateral Bar Hop Over 6 Strict Press (85/55) 60 Lateral Bar Hop Over 9 Strict Press (85/55) 90 Lateral Bar Hop Over 15 Strict Press (85/55) 150 Lateral Bar Hop Over 21 Strict Press (85/55) 210 Lateral Bar Hop Over *Time cap: 15 min *Tie breaks are after each set of double unders. Strict Press Movement Standards - Bar must be locked out and stopped over the center of your body at the top of the rep. Failure to pause at top will be a no rep. - Bar passes below the chin on at the bottom of the rep. - Feet must remain flat and knees unbent on the ground the entire rep. Any help from the legs is a no rep. Lateral Bar Hop Over - Bar is loaded with rubber plates, no metal plates allowed. - Body is perpendicular to the bar during the hop over. - Both feet leave the ground and land at the same time.



Movement Therapy w/ Jess: Hips and Ankle Focus (mainly ankles)

An hour on progressing ankle mobility and stability.

Please only come if you register for the class. We will not be letting waitlist people into the class unless a spot opens up.

This is included in your membership.

Open Gym Members: This 11am session is not considered Prime Hours so please use your Open Gym as you see fit on Sunday.

Upcoming Sundays

March 21st @ 11am: Arm Day w/ Zach

March 28th @ 11am: Gut, Butt, snd Burn w/ Brie

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