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3/28/2022 - 4/4/2022

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

Weekly Announcements

1) No announcements this week. Keep on Keeping on. Next social event TBA next week.



A) Emom x 12min

Min 1: 10 Ring Row + 20sec Superman to Prisoners

Min 2: 10 Goblet Sq + 20sec Bottom of Squat Hold


5 sets in 27min

B1) 10/leg Back Rack Drop Lunge @20x1

immediately into..

30sec Plate Hold Wall Sit


B2) 10-12/arm Tripod DB/KB Row @ 2111



C) Emom x 10min

Pullups> Negative > Barbell Pullups

*Goal is to hold a consistent number across all minutes. Most like you did not progress from last week. Think of last week as a gauge for this week to really push it.

*Go for quality not quantity



A) 7min AMRAP

6 Yoga Down to Up Dog

8 Tall Kneeling Goblet Press


12 Alt Hip to Halo


B) Every 4min 15sec for 5 sets

B1) 10 Incline DB Bench Press @51x1

B2) 12-15 Frog Stance Deadlifts @ 31x1

*Rest as needed in time given


C) 15min AMRAP

10 Push Ups

10 Front Squat (95/65)

10 Push Press (95/65)



A) 40min Alternating AMRAP w/ a Partner*

350/320m Row Repeats

300m Run

*20sec Deadbug in Rest Time



A) Emom x 15min

Min1: 12 Supinated Ring Row

Min 2: 20 KB/DB See Saw Press

Min 3: 50sec Primal Shoulder Taps


B) Every 4min for 5 sets

10 Low Single DB Pushups

10 Supinated DB Curl @3111

20 Wtd Anchor Sit Ups


C) EMOM x 10min

Chin Ups



A) 12min AMRAP

10/leg Kick Stand Squats

10 Bbell RDL

15 Hang Powercleans


Every 4min30sec for 5 sets

B1) 10/side Rear Foot Elevated Bbell Split Split Sq @2111

B2) 10/side DB Snatch


C) 50-40-30-20-10

Abmat Situps

Double Unders



Teams of 3;

p1 - Single arm farmer's walk, 100m

p2 - 25 Air squats

p3 - 10 Burpees

Complete as many rounds in 35 minutes as possible, rotate only when p1 returns with carry implement and p2/3 finish their movement reps



This Sunday April 3rd: Movement Therapy with Jess (Shoulders and neck)

Upcoming Sunday Specialty Class Schedule

April 10th: Skills with Stefan (Kipping and Toes 2 Bar)

April 17th: Arms with Zach

April 24th: Stretching and Mobility with Stefan

May 1: Aerobic Conditioning with Brie


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