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3/27/2023 - 4/2/2023


1) Congrats to the Dark Side of Force for winning the 2023 VA Intramural.

Thank you to all 108 people who signed up and got after it for 3 weeks. Thanks to coaches for leading the teams. We will be back next year with a new revised version of the Open!

2) New Program Cycle 3/27/2023 -6/4/2023



A) 10min Pull Up EMOM


B) 30min EMOM

Min 1: 10 Back Squat

Min 2: 10 Seal Row



A) 30min EMOM

Min 1: 10 Barbell RDL

Min 2: 10 Seated Arnold Press


B) 10min DB Push Up EMOM



A) Done at a Challenging and Steady Pace

2 Rounds

4min Row for Cals

1min Trans

4min Echo for Cals

1min Trans


B) 5 Rounds for time

25 Straight Leg Sit Ups

200m Run



5 Rounds in 16min

A1) 8/side Back Rack Drop Lunge


A2) 12 Barbell Curls



B) 8min to perform

5x12/side Supinated Tricep Kick backs


C)10min Pullup EMOM



A) Snatch Tech Warm up


B) 12 Alternating Sets w/ a Partner*

10 UB Hang Power Snatch (115/85)

10 Box Jumps

20/15 Echo Bike

*Start when partner on Echo



Every 4min x 36min:

Station 1: 550/500m row

Station 2: 40/35 Cal Echo

Station 3: 30 Burpees

(Rest in time remaining at station then rotate)



This Sunday 4/2: Arm Day w/ Zach

(Please respect waitlist and only come if you get let into the class)

Upcoming Sundays

4/9: CLOSED Easter

4/16: Olympic Lifting: Clean Technique and Work w/ Zach

4/23: Movement Therapy w/ Jess

4/30: Arms w/ Stefan

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