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3/23/2020 - 3/29/2020

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

Important At Home Announcements

Updated Sunday 10:00pm

*All streams will be at my house starting Wednesday after the Stay at Home Goes into Effect.

1) Google Doc Stream/Vickery Calendar- CHECK THIS

-This will change a bit and be a fluid document. Check back regularly. Save it on your home screen.

2) Watch the streams and interact on Twitch

-Make an account and follow the channel. It helps and gives you notifications when we are live.

-This is where we can interact and have fun. We can't hangout at the gym. We can't hangout outside the gym. Jump in chat, talk lots, have fun.

3) How can you help the gym?

-Share the twitch link with family and friends. Challenge them to workout beside us. Have them follow the channel. The more interaction we have on twitch the better!

4) Questions or Suggestions? PLEASE text me and lets chat. 469-734-3343


MONDAY 10am Coaching/Wod Stream 4:00pm Skills Stream: Handstands at home Warm Up 15 Burpees 60s Samson stretch per side 90s Int/Ext hip side to sides 60s Alternating Soldier Kicks Workout A) 10min Amrap 10 Front to Back Lunges per side (forward lunge + reverse lunge = 1 rep on one side) 10 Burpees + B) 10min Amrap 20 Star Jumps 50 Mountain Climbers C) Monday Midline 2 Rounds for Time 50 Alternating Supermans (left leg and right arm up at same times, palm up) 50 Situps (regular situps) Score A & B for Total Rounds+Reps


TUESDAY 10am Coaching/Wod Stream 1:00pm Live w/ David Gates. Tips for first time home buyers Warm Up 2 Rounds 20 Feet Wide Double Tap Reach Through then Up 10 Arm Circles Each Direction 10/side Scorpions (trying to touch heel to ankle) 20 Jumping Air Squat Workout A) Emom x 20min Min 1: 6-8 Alternating Single Arm Renegade Manmakers* *Db in one hand > Pushup > Single Arm Row > Single Arm Clean > thruster *Barbell Option > 10 Thruster Min 2: 25 Double Unders > 50sec Single Under or DU Attempts > 50s Jumping Jacks + B) 18min ~30sec Jog ~30sec Walk OR AB/Rower/Ski/Other Cardio Emom x 18min 10-12 Cal -lets get outside while we can! Keep 6ft!


WEDNESDAY 10am Coaching/Wod Stream Warm Up 3 Rounds 15 PVC Pipe/Broom/Mop/Jump Rope Pass Throughs 10 Jeffereson Curls 10 Kang Squats (no weight) Workout 5 sets A1) 10/SL RDL (with weight if needed) R60sec A) 8- 10/side Single Arm Arnold Press Barbell option: 12-15 Strict Press R60s + 5 Sets B1) 10-20 Single Arm Lawnmower Pull Barbell option: 15 Bent Over Rows R60s B2) 20/side Side Plank Taps


THURSDAY 10am Coaching/Wod Stream 1pm Live/ Shotty on Supplements Warm Up 2/min Side Couch Stretch or Samson Stretch 3 Rounds 12/side Calf Raise 12/Side Soldier Kicks 20s High Knee Place 10 Down to Updog Workout A) For Consistent Pace 1mile Run then 2 Rounds 50 Pushups 100 Airsquats then 1mile Run Try and do this all outside (but still away from people) Get some sun fam.


FRIDAY 10am Coaching/Wod Stream 6pm Live w/ Zach on Dog Training Opinions Warm Up 4 Rounds 30s Superman Pull Downs 30s Rest 30s Superman Flies 30s Rest 30s Crab Walk 7-10ft back and forward Workout A) Emom x 30min Min 1: 6/side Single Arm Demon Press Min 2: 40s of Alt Primal Shoot Through Min 3: 40s Front Leaning Rest or Plank



10am Coaching/Wod Stream

Post WOD Skills Stream: Shoulder Rehab at home

Warm Up

60s Neck Rolls

90sec Up to Down Dog

30s per side First Rib Nick Stretch

30s/ Side Active Pec Stretch


2 Rounds

45s Suitcase

15s Rest

45s Reverse Situps

15s Rest

30s Dead Bugs

30s Rest

45s Around the World

15s Rest



Emom x 10min

Around 30sec of Spiderman Pushups


SUNDAY 12:00pm LIVE Movement and Mobility on Twitch Hips Mobility sessions where we take a long while unlocking the hip and mid/lower back. (Approx 1 hour)


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