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2/28/2022 - 3/6/2022

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

Weekly Announcements

1) VA Intramural Open 2022: Battle of the Hogwarts Houses

-Week 1 scores Announced: Slytherin Leads -Harry Potter Trivia details announced.

-Website for EVERYTHING Intramurals

2) Vickery St Patties Day Party/Post Open Celebration: March 12th

- We are lucky enough that member Vijay and Matt have opened their homes for Vickery to continue a wild time next week post Opens with a St Patties House Party hosted by Vickery.

- The are walking distance to the party on Greenville Ave

- Join the Facebook event and text Zach with questions or if you can't get in the event w the link below.

3) Not participating in The Open this year?

- Saturday 8:30/9:30am classes are cancelled in place are our Saturday " Open Heats". But don't worry they are not just for Open participants. You will have to sign up for a heat Friday at 2pm on the Intramural part of our website.

We will not have room for ANYONE to workout unless they sign up for a heat.



A) EMOM x 7min

10 Scap Pullups

6 Burpees


B) 2 Rounds (20min)

Min 0-5:

60sec Primal Hold w/ Slow Shoulder Taps

500m/450m Row (2min Cap)

10-15 Box Dips > 8-10 Negative Box Dips > Assisted

Min 5-10:

3min Max Strict Pullup > Light Band > 3 Neg/min > Assisted Negatives

Amrap Push Up in time Remaining


C) 3 Rounds for Quality (12min)

8/side LM Rotate to Press

8/side DB Split Stance RDL

16 Weighted Superman to Prisoner on Bench



A) 1min/side Active Pigeon Stretch w/ Reach


3 Rounds

30s Flutter Kick


30s Bicycle Kick


30s LCrunch



4 Sets in 16min

B1) 8/leg Barbell Drop Lunges


B2) 8/leg Suticase Hold Bulg Split Sq


*We are done with % progression for this cycle. Lots of good came from it but it was missing its purpose for a large group of pp in the end few weeks.


C) Death By...

1 Box Jump and 5 Double Unders



A) EMOM x 12min

Min 1: 40sec Top of Plank DB Pullthrough

Min 2: 20 Light Reverse Grip Barbell Curl


B) 3 Sets Each for Quality w a Partner in 16min

*Alternating w/ partner after each set of 21

Set of 21's w/ Std Sup DB Curl

Set of 21's w/ Barbell Skull Crushers

21 Hanging Wtd Leg Lift or KR to Target


C) E3MOM for 12min

Min 0-3: 30 Burpees (2min cap)

MIn 3-6: 2min Max Supinated Body Row



A) 30 Rounds with a Partner

*Alternating after an entire round

6/5 AB or 8/6 Cal Row (~30 sec of effort)

4 Pullups > 2-3 Pullups> 5-6 Jumping c2B

6 Wallballs >Air Sq

6 High Hang PC to OH > Dbs

Cap 36min



6:45pm Harry Potter Trivia at the Gym. More info on website.

View Vickery RX and Scaled Workouts AND

Registration for Saturday Morning Heats LIVE @ 2pm TODAY

A) 2min Straddle Stretch

2min 90/90 Stretch


B) EMOM x 12min

Min 1: 20 Lateral Shoulder Raise

Min 2: 30sec Hanging Knee Raise


C) E4MOM for 20min

400m Run

25 Slamballs

Forearm Plank in Time remaining



View Vickery RX and Scaled Workouts AND

Registration for Saturday Morning Heats LIVE @ 2pm TODAY



SCORE SUBMISSION DUE on Intramural Website at 1pm

March 6th - Full Body Mobility Work w/ Zach

Upcoming Sundays

March 13th - CANCELLED for St Patties


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