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2/17/2020 - 2/23/2020


-St Paddys Day Party (March 14th) - Facebook Private Event

- Go Be Great Charity Workout (March 21st)

More news this week!


11am-12pm with Jess


MONDAY A) Hammer Grip DB Bench @ 31X1 2x10 Warm Up 4x12 Working + B) 15min AMRAP in Groups of 3 10 Pushups > Scale to knee push ups Right into Backwards Bearcrawl Db Drag from "V" to Rack + C) 30-20-10 Air Sqauts Burpees


>TUESDAY A) EMOM x 30min (0:50s effort/10sec Trans) Min 1: Calorie Row (above 1100/850 cal per hour) Min 2: Slam Ball over Shoulder Min 3: Steady RPM on Ab (60/50 RPM) Min 4: Renegade Rows Min 5: Rest + B) 200 Bodyweight lunges > Ring Assisted (think sets of 30-50)


WEDNESDAY A) 25min AMRAP Alternating with a Partner 7 Hang Power Snatches 10 Burpee over bench + B )10min AMRAP Alternating with a Partner Partner 1: 25 Bicycle Crunches Partner 2: Superman Hold (Rest together when needed)


THURSDAY A) 4 Sets 12/Side Landmine Press 15/Side Db Ext Rotations 8 Strict pullups > Partner Strict Pullups + B) 5x12 Seated DB Press (45 degree) @31X1 + C) For Time 30 Chest 2 Bar 30 Db Hang Snatch 15 Chest 2 Bar 15 Db Hang Snatch 8 Chest 2 Bar 8 Db Hang Snatch


FRIDAY A) Front Squat @ 31X1* 2x10 W/U Sets 4x12 Working + B) 4x12/side Single Leg Calf Raises *Use assistance or weight if needed + 4Sets C1) 15 SL Glute Bridge on bench C2) 24 Alternating Curtsy Squats (can add plate for deficit and/or weight)


SATURDAY 9am Strength Saturdays 5 Sets A1) 12 Db Supinated Curls @31x1 A2) High Hip Crabwalk + 5 Sets B1) 12 Db OH Tri Extension @31x1 B2) Static Ring Curl Hold + 5 Sets C1) 20 Hip Touches over Med Ball in FLR C2) 100m KB FC Saturday Community Class Teams of 3; p1 - Farmer's walk, 100m p2 - 25 Air squats p3 - 12 Burpees Complete as many rounds in 30 minutes as possible, rotate only when p1 returns with carry implement and p2/3 finish their movement reps



11am-12pm with Jess

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