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1/9/2023 - 1/15/2023


1) New Programming Cycle: Starting Jan 16th

The Next Life Style Plan will be starting Mid to End of Jan



A) 2 Rounds

20/15cal Echo

15-20 Bbell Incline Benchpress

15-20 DB RDL


B)15min to Complete

5x12-15 Incline Bench Press @ 30x1


C) E2mom x 8sets (16min)

10 Snatch Grip RDL @30x1

100m Run



A) 2 Rounds (24min)

4min AMRAP

Walking Lunge

... Right Into...

4min AMRAP

10 Scap Pull ups (1sec Pause)

10 Goblet Squat

... Right Into...

4min AMRAP

10 OHS

5 Boot Strappers


B) E4mom x 5sets (20min)


Back Squat

Pullup (weight if needed)



A) 5 rounds in 14min

20 Leg Windshield Wipers w/ BBell

200m Jog


B) 5 Rounds in 14min

20 Landmine Windshield Wipers

15 Light Cuban DB or Plate Press


C) 5 Rounds in 16min

12/10cal Echo Sprint (90%)

10/arm Landmine Rows

10/arm Leaned Lateral Raise



A) 1600m Run

60 KB Frog Stance DL

40 Toes to Bar

800m Run

30 KB Frog Stance DL

30 Toes to Bar

400m Run

15 KB Frog Stance DL

15 Toes to Bar



A) 5 Rounds for Quality in 15min

8/side LM 1/2 Kneeling Strict Press

8/side Tall Kneeling Plate Halos


B) 30min EMOM

EMOM x 5min

16/13 Cal Row or AB

EMOM x 5min

20-30sec Flutter Kick

EMOM x 5min

8 Burpee Box Jump

EMOM x 5min

20-30sec Deadbug Hold

EMOM x 5min

16/13 Cal Row or Echo (13/11)

EMOM x 5min

10-30sec Hanging Knee Raise Hold



A) 3 rounds

30sec On/ 40sec Rest

Flutter Kick

Scissor Kick

L Crunch

15/side SL Hanging KR


B) 23min AMRAP

200m DB/KB Farmers Carry

80 DU >140 SU

50 Ring Rows

40 Reverse Lunge



Jan 15 - Cardio and Abs w/ Brie

Upcoming Sundays

Jan 22 - Movement Therapy w/ Jess

Jan 29 - Arms w/ Stefan


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