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1/25/2021 - 1/31/2021

Weekly Announcements

1) The Lifestyle Plan Participations @ Vickery Athletics

-Todays the day we want you to start hitting your numbers 100%

2) Sunday Specialty Class this Week 11am Skills Class with Meg: Kipping



A) 3 Rounds for Quality

10 Push Up to Alt Heel Grabs

5 Yoga Burpees

10 Scap Pullups


B) 5 Sets in 16:30

20 Alt Controlled Top Down Gorilla Rows

30second of Snow Angels


C) 5 RFT

15 Toes to bar

15 Pushups

10min 30sec Time Cap



4 Sets in 14min

A1) 16 Alt Death March Steps

A2) Accum 60s Dead Bug


B) 3 RFT

15 KBS (70/53)

60sec Max DU

R2min btwn Rnds


C) 3 RFT

15 Goblet Squats (70/53)

60sec Max Cal Row/AB

R2min btwn Rnds



A) Each set for reps @ a moderate grinding pace

1min Burpees

1min Light Weight Continuous Walking Lunge

400m run

Rest 3 minutes

x 5 sets



5 Sets

A1) 2 Strict press + 5Push Press


A2) 8-10 DB Bent Over Row


B) 5 Rounds

30s Bear Crawl

30s Plank Hold

30s Superman Hold

60s Max Strict Pullups

rest 60s



A) 6 Sets in 16min

Box/Bench Squat


Super Set w/

15 OH DB Tricep Extensions


B) In 13min Perform All of the Following

4 Sets

4 HPC (105/70)

4 Box Jump Step Down (30/24)



4 Sets

2 PC + 2 HPC (105/70)

4 Bar Facing Burpees



4 Sets

2 PC + 2 Sq Clean (105/70)

25 Double Unders of Jumping Jack



Teams of 4:

Accumulate as many reps and calories in 30 min of:

Row Cal

Push ups

Sit ups

Wall ball

One person at each station, switch as needed


SUNDAY @ 11am

Skills Class with Meg: Kipping

Please register on Pike13 App

50-60min to work on understanding what kipping is and how to apply it in class. This will cover and hit on kipping pullups and toes to bar mainly. If you struggle with these during classes or are new to gym then DO NOT MISS THIS DAY!


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