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8/7/2023 - 8/13/2023


1) New Program Cycle Aug 7th to Oct 1st



A) Every 2.5min x 8 Sets (20min)

8-12 Bench Press @ 4011

15-20 Bent Over Fly


B) 10 Sets in 20min

Max Unbroken Pullups

(Score and Track Total Reps)



A) 5 Sets

15/side Side Hip Taps

10-20sec/side Adductor Holds on Bench


B) 35min Alternating w/ a Partner

30/24 Row or Echo* (30/23) for echo

*100m walk in between each set and no sitting to rest.



A) EMOM x 10min

Min 1: 45sec Inverted Row Hold

Min 2: 8/side Long Reverse Lunge


B) Every 1.5min x 24 Sets (36min)

Movement 1: 8-10/side Front Rack Box Step Ups

Movement 2: 10-12/side Lawn Mower Pulls



A) Emom x 12min

Min 1: 10 Pvc PT

MIn 2: 12/10 Cal Echo

Min 3: 8 RDL > 8 Strict Press


6 Sets in 26min

B1) 10 Building Deadlift @2011


B2) 10-12 Seatch DB Hammergrip Strict Press @2111




A) 3 Rounds for Quality

Tough set of Chin Ups

10 T. Kn OH Db Tricep Ext @3011


B) 3 Rounds for Quality

Tough set of Weighted Push Ups

10 Sup Db Curls @3011


C) 3 Rounds for Quality

30 Anchored Sit Ups

30 Leg Lifts



A) 3 Sets in 5min

Building Warm Up Back Squat


B) 4 Sets in 12min

Back Squat


C) 20min AMRAP

400m Run

20 Burpees



This Sunday Aug 13: Cardio and Abs w/ Brie

Upcoming Sundays

Aug 20th: Arms w/ Zach

Aug 27th: Abs and Core w/ Stefan

Sep 3rd: Closed Labor Day

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