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8/28/2023 - 9/3/2023


1) Labor Dar Weekend Gym Schedule

Sat Sep 2nd: 8:30am Only*, 9:30am Cancelled

Sun Sep 3rd: No Specialty Class. 11am Class cancelled

Mon Sep 4th: 9:30am Mega Class, Normal Classes Cancelled

*Sign up on Pike 13 but ignore waitlist if there is one

2) Pregnancy & Postpartum Athlete Workshop

Sept 10 @ 12:15pm-1:15pm

-Learn a little about the pelvic floor muscles and basic exercise modifications throughout Pregnancy & Postpartum journey

-$15 sign up

-Open to family/friends

-More info/how to sign up will be emailed out by Jess this week



A) E2MOM x 18min

Min 0-2: 28/22 Cal Echo

Min 2-4: 3-6 Negative Pullups

Min 4-6: 20 Push Ups


B) E5MOM x 6 Sets

5 Bench Press @ 3012

immediately into Max Box Dips

3-5 Wtd Pullups



A) 5 Sets

10/side WB Torso Twist Throws

10-20sec/side Adductor Holds on Bench


B) 35min Alternating w/ a Partner

24/20 Row or Echo* (24/18) for Echo

*50m walk in between each set and no sitting to rest.



A) EMOM x 10min

Min 1: 45sec Inverted Supinated Row Hold

Min 2: 8/side BW BSS*

*Jumping/Explosive if possible


B) Every 1.5min x 24 Sets (36min)

Movement 1: 8-10/side Front Rack Lunges

Movement 2: 12-15 Seal Rows w/ Contraction at Top



A) 3 Sets in 9min

5 Shoulder Around the World Raise

7/side Kb Snatch

10 Supinated Bbell Strict Press


B) E3MOM x 18min (6sets)

5 Deadlift @2011



4 Sets

A1) 12 Reverse DB Curl


A2) 60sec Max Supinated Barbell Curl



B) 100 BW Low Bar Tri Ext


C) 10min AMRAP

10 Bridge Walkouts

10 Toes to Bar



40 Rounds Alternating w/ a Partner

5 Wall Balls

3 Burpee Box Jumps

2 DB or KB Fr Sq (~65/~50)

*Every 5 minutes both run 200M (Starting at beginning)



This Sunday Sep 3rd: Closed Labor Day

Upcoming Sundays

Sep 10: Movement Therapy with Jess: Low Back

Sep 17: Cardio and Abs w/ Brie

Sep 24: Arms w/ Stefan

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