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8/24/2020 - 8/30/2020

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

Weekly Announcements

1) Be on the look out for a programming email about next week and whether or not you should be dropping tempo and upping weights.

2) As of now Jess will no longer be doing movement work on people at Vickery on Sundays. We are super happy to announce she started a position at The Sports Pod ( as a Movement Specialist. Not to worry though, y'all can still see her for treatment, contact her directly for details at

3) Make sure to join the Vickery Members Private Fb Group. Search "Vickery Athletics Member" and request to join.



A) Bench Press @31x1

2x5 Building Up

5x5 Working Sets (all heavy as possible w tempo)



B)5x10 Standing Overhead Db Extensions



C) As Fast as Possible

40 Burpee to Lateral Jump Over

50 Wall Balls



A) 5min Jump Rope*

*Every Break is 3 Burpees


B) 3 Sets

2min Row for Max Cals

2min Rest


C) 6 Sets

25sec Mountain Climbers

35sec Rest

25sec Bicycle Crunch

35sec Rest


D) 12min Amrap

100m Run

20 Double Unders > Jumping Jacks



A) Back Squat @31x1

2x5 Building Up

5x5 Working Sets (all heavy as possible w tempo)



B) Emom x 20min

Min 1: 10 Kipping Pullups

Min 2: 7/side Goblet Deficit Reverse Lunges



A) E3mom x 12 Sets

Min 0-3

2 Rounds

10 UB Push Press (any Implement)

5 Toes to Bar > T2R > 8 Suitcases

Min 3-6

12 Burpees

14 Box Jumps



A) 10min Amrap

10 Good Mornings

10/10 Leg Kicks

10 Hip bridge

5/5 Windmills


5 Sets

B1) 12 Supinated DB Supinated Bicep Curls @31x1


B2) 10 Deadlifts @31x1



3 Sets

C1) 15 Supinated Ring Rows @2111

C2) 10 Nordic Curls



24min Amrap

400m Run

15 Power Snatch/ Demon Press/ Slam Ball (players choice)

15 Abmat Situps


Sunday Open Gym

11am -1pm

You still have to register for Open gym.


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