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8/14/2023 - 8/20/2023


1) No News - Enjoy yet another hot week. Check last week for program details.



A) EMOM x 10min

Min 1: 10 Burpees

Min 2: 40sec of UB Scap Pullups


B) EMOM x 6min

Min 1: Accum Max Pull Up Hold

Min 2: 15 DB Chest Fly


C) 24min AMRAP for Quality

8-10 Bench Press @3011

10 Bent Over Bent Arm Flies

2-10 Strict Pull Ups



A) 16 Rounds Alternating with a Partner

500/450m Row

*2:15 Cap (41min Cap Overall)

*100m walk in between each set and no sitting to rest.



1 Warm Up Set + 5 Working Sets in (36min)

A1) 10 Bulg Db/Kb Split Squat Per Leg

R~30sec btwn legs AND after set

A2) 8-12 Bent Over Supinated Bbell Row


A3) 10 Strict Toes to Bar

R~60s (if you went unbroken)



A) For Quality in 20min

5x20 KB Frog Stance DL

4x20 Incline DB Bench Press

3x20 DB External Rotations (10/10)

2x20 KBS

1x20 RDL (10sec Rests)


B) E3MOM x 6 Sets (18min)

8 Building Deadlifts @2011

8 Bbell Strict Press @3111



A) 3 Sets

20 Primal Hold Shoulder Taps

20 Side Plank w/ Rotation Rt

20 Side Plank w/ Rotation Lft

20 Mix Grip Scap Pullups (10/10)


B) 4 Sets

2.2 Mix Griped Pullups (wt if needed)

12 DB HG Skull Crusher

14 Crush Grip DB Floor Press


C) 3 Sets

10 Close Grip Push Ups

10 Ring Row Curls

10 Kb Goblet Strict press

10 Kb Horn Curls

10 Chin ups

10 Deloaded DB Tri Ext



A) 33min Emom

Min 1: Starting at 14/11cals*

Min 2: 10 Back Squat

Min 3: 100m Run



This Sunday Aug 20th: Arms w/ Zach

Upcoming Sundays

Aug 27th: Abs and Core w/ Stefan

Sep 3rd: Closed Labor Day

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