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7/24/2023 - 7/30/2023


1) Thank you to all who came out to celebrate Vickery's 9 Year Anniversary Last Weekend.

Special thanks to members Eddie and Adam for hosting at their place. Make sure to thank them for hosting 60 hooligans for our pool party.



A) 3 Rounds

10 Bbell RDL

10 Yoga Push Ups

100 Single Unders


B) 14min Emom

Min 1: 8 Alt SA DB Devils Press

Min 2: 8/side SA OH DB Reverse Lunge


C) 12min Emom

Min 1: 15/13 Cal Row

Min 2: 40sec Primal ShootThroughs



A) 8min AMRAP

10 Scap Pullups

10 Top of Push Up to Down Dog

5/5 Offfset Pushups


B) Don't know how to kip?

10min Kipping Tech

Have a Kip/Kipping Pullups?

30 Negative Pullups *

*3sec down atleast

*Can be wtd


C) 30min Amrap with a Partner

10/side TGU Sit Up

20 Bench Press

20/side DB Tripod Row



A) 17min to build to a set of Heavy 2 Thrusters


B)150 Wall Balls for time (20/14)

*11min Cap



A) 2 RFT w/ a Partner

100m Run

10 Burpees

10 Db Curls

200m Run

20 Burpees

20 Db Curls

300m Run

30 Burpees

30 Db Curls

400m Run

40 Burpees

40 Db Curls

*Split Work with Partner BUT RUNS

*35min Cap



A) Partner 1: 3min Straddle Stretch on wall

Partner 2: 90sec Pigeon Stretch per side



B)2 RFT with a Partner

40 Db Wtd Box Step Overs (24/20) (50/35)

40 Box Jumps (24/20)

40 Power Snatch



60s Stations x 8 Rounds:

Bicycle Crunch

(Trans 15s)

Abmat Situps

(Trans 15s)

Echo Cals

(Trans 15s)

Row for Cal

(rest 1:15)



This Sunday July 30: Movement Therapy w/ Jess

Upcoming Sundays

August Sundays TBA

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