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4/25/2022 - 5/2/2022

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

Weekly Announcements

1) Spring/8 Year Anniversary Apparel


LINK HERE >>>>>>

2) Upcoming Social Event: Murph and BBQ

Memorial Day Weekend we will be doing Murph on Sunday (closed Monday) and will follow it up with some drinks, burgers, and dogs. Details to come!



A) Emom x 10 min

Min 1: 10/leg Landmine Reverse Lunge

Min 2: 6 Superman to Prisoner + Primal Shoot Throughs


B) Emom x 10min

Pullups> Negative > Barbell Pullups


C) Every 3min x 5 Sets (15min)

8/side Landmine Split Squat

6 AHAP Vertical Jumps from Full Squat


D) 14min Amrap

15 Land Mine Goblet Sit Ups

10 Db/Kb Thrusters (~50/35)



A) Every 3min for 4 Sets (12min)

13/10 Cal Echo Bike

10 Yoga Push Up to Ankle Grab


B) Every 4min x 4 Sets (16min)

10-12/side SA DB HG BP

10-12/side SL Split Stance Bbell RDL


C) 15min Amrap

10 Power Clean (135/95)

20 Toes to bar



A) E2min x 44min

Min 0-2: 18/14 cal Echo Bike (90sec cap)

Min 2-4: 18/14 Cal Row (90sec cap)



A) Tabata Ab Circuit (17min total)

2min per Couplet

20sec Work/10sec Rest

-L Sit Up (wtd if needed)

-Side Hip Tap Left

-Flutter Kicks

Side Tap Right

-Bicycle Crunch

-Windshield Wipers

- Reverse Crunch

-Russian Twist


-Spiderman Planks


-Superman Back Extensions

- X Crunches

-Deadbug Hold

-Reverse Plank Hold

-Sit ups


*Last Plank AMRAP


Every 3:30 for 4 Sets (14min)

10/arm Filly Kneeling LM Press

14 Alternating Kb Hip to Halo


C) E4min x 3 Sets (12min)

5 Triple Push Up Burpees

10 Curl To Press

35 DU



A) Every 3min x 2 Sets (6min)

20 Bodyweight Hip Bridge (every 5 reps hold for 10sec at the top)

10 Low Switch Cossack Squats (5/leg) @very slow pace


B) Every 3:45 x 4 Sets= (15min)

12/side DB Assisted SL Box Sq @ 3011

20 Hvy Russian KBS


C) Every 3:45 x 4 Sets= (15min)

8 Front Squats @2011

200m Run


D) 3 sets @ tough effort

15 Frog Stance KB DL

20 BW Jump Lunges

15/12cal Echo Bike (1min cap)

R2min between sets



EMOM x 40min

Min 1: 10/8 Echo Bike Cals

Min 2: 15 Slam Balls

Min 3: 10 Burpees

Min 4: 12/10 Cal Row

Min 5: Rest



This Sunday May 1st: Aerobic Conditioning with Brie

*Long low intensity cardio session

Upcoming Sunday Specialty Class Schedule

May 8th: Movement Therapy w/ Jess (Knees)

May 15th: Arm Day w/ Stefan

May 22nd: Abs/Core w/ Brie

May 29th: No Specialty Class. We will do Murph on Memorial Day Weekend Sunday


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