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4/20/2020 - 4/26/2020

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

Important At Home Announcements

Updated Friday April 24 @ 9:00am

1) Continuation of the CrossFit Open We will be doing the Vickery LIVE Deathmatch Series at the same time and format as the Open Workouts.

I will release a workout Friday and it will be programmed for the gym and done in a one vs one Zoom call Saturdays at 10am. This week THE Megan Heinz will be facing off with Alex "The Johnson" Thomas.

We wont have a leaderboard for this other than the private facebook goup.... but it is more for our entertainment!

2) Stream Schedule and Workout Blog

-Check Daily for Updates

3) Questions or Suggestions? PLEASE text me and lets chat. 469-734-3343



10am Coaching/Wod Stream

Warm Up

10min Amrap

20 Alt Cossack Squats

30sec Wall Sit

12/ Calf Raises


A) 20min E2mom

20 Weighted Walking Lunges > 10/10 Reverse/Forward Lunge

10 Pushups


B) 1 Set for Reps

30s Max Pushups

30s Rest

30sec Max Dips

30s Rest

30s Half Up Pushups

30s Rest

30s Wide Grip Pushups

30s Rest

30s Staggered Pushups

30s Rest

30sTempo Pushups @30x0



10am Coaching/Wod Stream

Warm Up

3 Rounds

10 Laying Lat Towel Pulldowns

10 Prisoner to Handcuff Supermans

20 Suitcases

10 Good Mornings/ RDL


A) 100 Double Unders

90 Rows (preferably a ring type row)

80 Deadlifts (any variation)

70 Bent Over Flys

60 Kb/DB Swings

50 Hand Release Burpees



1pm Coaching/Wod Stream

Warm Up

60sec Arm Swings

60sec Party Bois

20 Down to Up Dogs*

*Snake into the updog like a real yogii

40 Alternating Primal Shoot Throughs


10min of Handstand Skill Practice


A) 4x8-12 @31x1

Single Arm Arnold Press




Double Arm Front Raises



C) Emom x 10min

2-3 Wall Walks



10am Coaching/Wod Stream

6:30pm Zoom Gym Happy Hour

Warm Up

20 Boot Strappers

60sec Leg Swings Front to Back

60sec Leg Swings Side to Side

60sec Bunny Hops

60sec Building Tuck Jumps


A) Every 20sec x 10min

1 Max Height Squat to Tuck Jumps

*If you cant jump bc you are in an apartment... go find a 10min ab routine on the youtubes and do that here


B) Emom x 24min

Min 1: ~40ish sec Shuttle Run > Jumping Jax

Min 2: 12 Ground to OH (Slamball, Light Snatch, Full KBS..etc)

Min 3: 12-14 Calorie on a Machine or 10=12 Burpees



10am Coaching/Wod Stream

Vickery Deathmatch Wod Announcement

Warm Up

60sec Suitcased Leg Circles Right

Rest 30s

60sec Suitcased Leg Circles Left

Rest 30s

60sec Bicycle Crunches

Rest 30s

60sec Plank w/ Leg Lifts

Rest 30s

60sec Scissor Kick

Rest 30s

60sec Starfish Crunch

Rest 30s

60sec Russian Twist


4 Sets

A1) 4x8-12

Seat Supinated Dumbell Curl

R30s btwn sides/set if Single Arm

R60s btwn set if Double Arm

A2) 15 Body weight Skull Crushers



4 Sets

B1) 4x8-12

Single Arm Cross body Hammer Curls

R30s btwn sides/set


B2) 4x12-15

Standing Plate/Db/KB Tricep Extensions




Vickery LIVE Deathmatch Series

Meg Heinz vs Alex Thomas


Warm Up

3 Rounds

10 Up to Down Dog

10 Pass Throughs

10/side Elbow to Instep

30s Jump Rope or Bunny Hops


Saturday Morning Deathmatch Workout #1

Complete AFAP

1 Flip Cup

10 Double Unders

10 Ground to Overhead w/ Plate (25#)

10 Burpees to Plate

1 Flip Cup

20 Double Unders

20 Ground to Overhead w/ Plate (25#)

20 Burpees to Plate

1 Flip Cup

30 Double Unders

30 Ground to Overhead w/ Plate (25#)

30 Burpees to Plate

3 Flip Cups



10am Coaching/Wod Stream

LIVE Gym Town Hall

1:00pm Live Stream with Zach to discuss state of the gym and next steps


(Approx who knows...)


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