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2/5/2024 - 2/11/2024

Updated: Feb 9



The 1130am Pong Tourney is cancelled tomorrow. We couldnt field enough teams.

We are still holding the Valentines Day themed partner workout @ 930am! Bring a partner or we will partner everyone.

Pink/Red/Heart attire is encouraged!

(830am is cancelled)

1)  Valentine Day Partner Workout

8:30am Class Cancelled

9:30am Mega Class

Feel Free to bring non VA members for no Drop In Charge.

Register on Pike 13 but ignore waitlist

2)  Beer Pong Tournament Social

Cancelled, not enough teams :(



A) E3MOM x 3 Sets (9min)

15/12 Cal Row Sprint

10 DB Upright Row to Press

Superman to Prisoners in Time Remaining


B) 5 Sets in 20min

10 DL


10 Bbell Strict Press



C) EMOM x 10min

Min 1: 15 Wall Balls

Min 2: 12/10cal Row



A) EMOM x 10min

Strict Pullups

*Same rep scheme every min, adjust from last week.


B) 15min AMRAP


50 DU


C) 15min AMRAP

15 Inverted Supinated BBell Rows

12/10 Cal Echo



A) EMOMx 12min

Min 1: 30-40sec of Dead Bugs

Min 2: Alternating Pigeon Press

Min 3: 10 Front Squats


B) Front Squat in 15min

5 x 5.5

20sec Break on .

R ~90sec btwn sets


C) 40-30-20


100m FC



A) EMOM x 12sets (12min)

Min 1: 12 LM RDL

Min 2: 12 Tall Kneeling DB Hammer Curl

Min 3: 8/side Knee Over Toe Split Lunge


B) EMOM x 30min

Min 1: 20 Tall Kneeling DB Oh Tricep Ext

Min 2: 10 Tall Kneeling LM Goblet Press

Min 3: 50sec Forearm Plank

MIn 4: 8/side SA KB Clean

MIn 5: 40sec Dip Support Scap Push Ups



A) Coach's Choice of Mobility/Warmup


B) EMOM x 30min

Build to a Challenging POWER Clean


Work on Power Clean Tech



8:30am Cancelled

9:30am Mega Class ONLY (please still register on Pike 13 and ignore class cap)

11:30am Vickery Beer Pong Tournament: Team Registration ONLINE

Valentines Day Partner Workout

AMRAP Ascending Ladder (with a Partner) in 20 minutes

2 Thrusters - Partner 1

2 Synchronized Burpees

2 Thrusters - Partner 2

2 Synchronized Burpees

200m Run Together

4 Thrusters - Partner 1

4 Synchronized Burpees

4 Thrusters - Partner 2

4 Synchronized Burpees

200m Run Together

6 Thrusters - Partner 1

6 Synchronized Burpees

6 Thrusters - Partner 2

6 Synchronized Burpees

200m Run Together


Continue adding 2 reps per round until time is up. 200m Run together between each time



This Sunday Feb 11th: Handstand Tech and Practice w/ Stefan

Upcoming Sunday Specialty Class Schedule

Feb 18th: Mobility and Stretching w/ Zach (Hips/low back)

Feb 25th: Arms and Abs w/ Stefan

March 3rd: Snatch Tech and Practice w/ Zach

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