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2/1/2021 - 2/7/2021

Weekly Announcements

1) New Programming Cycle Feb 1- April 1 Below is a look at your week. Monday being "Day 1" and Sunday being "Day 7"

If you would like to discuss details, please bring a black coffee to my office on a scheduled time. I'd love to explain more and answer all questions.

2) Sunday Specialty Class this Week 11am Skills Class with John: Olympic Lifting - The Snatch

3) We will be doing the CrossFit Open Intramural Style in March - Details to come We will also being hanging up the Purple Teams Banner this week.



A) EMOM x 8min

Min 1: 8-10 Yoga Push Up

Min 2: 16 Star Jumps


4 Sets in 14min

B1) 20 Alternating Heavy Top Down DB Strict Press

B2) 10 Single Arm Biased Strict Pullups > Strict Pullups > 8 Negative Pullups > 12 SA Biased Barbell Pullups


C) 4 Sets

250/200m Row (1min Cap)

30sec Max Burpee




A) 3 Sets

14 90/90 Hip Rotations

90sec of 20sec Plank to Spiderman Lunges

15/side Clam Shell Side Planks

20sec of Hanging Knee Raise Hold


B) 5 Sets in 21min

10 per leg Front Rack Bulg Split Squat

10-15sec Chin Up Hold

8 Strict K2E


C) Emom x 6min

16 Unbroken Walking Lunges*

*Weight held at sides if possible



A) 3 rounds

60sec Burpees

60sec Jumping Jax

60sec Bottom of the Squat

60sec Rest


B) Emom x 20min

Min 1: 3 small to tall vertical jumps

Min 2: 1 rep of 4sec pull to hang into a Hang Power Clean*

*Fast Explosive Reps. Build weight if speed and tech are there.


C) Kettlebell Clean Tech

Emom x 8min

1st: 4/side KB Full Clean

2nd: 10 UB Sumo KB Squat Jumps



A) 9min Amrap

10/side Side Plank Wtd Rotations

10 Alternating Primal Shoot Through

10 Scap Pushups on Forearms


5 Sets in 20min

B1) 13-15 DB Bench Press @31x1

B2) 12/side Kb Horn Curls @2011

B2) 15/side Banded Tricep Kick Backs


C) 3 RFT *

14 Alternating KB Hip to Halo


*same weight



A) Amrap 12min

2 TGU Right

12/10 Cal AB

2 TGU Left

12/10 Cal AB


B) Amrap 12min

15 TGU Situps Right

5 Strict Pullups

15 TGU Situps Left

5 Strict Pullups


C) Emom x 12min

Min 1: 12/10 Cal Row

Min 2: 8-10 Rower Pikes > Knee Tucks



Emom x 32min

Min 1: 100m Run

Min 2: 10 Burpees

Min 3: 12 Wallballs > Goblet Squat

Min 4: 16 Tall Plank Hip Taps > 8/side Side plank Hip Taps



This Sunday Coach John is going to instruct a class on the Olympic weight lifting movement the Snatch. We don't do a ton of these in class, this is great opportunity to fine tune or simply begin to understand the movement on a deeper level. We recommend beginner to average lifters attend this.

This is included in your membership.

Open Gym Members: This 11am session is not considered Prime Hours so please use your Open Gym as you see fit on Sunday.

Upcoming Sundays

Feb 14th @ 11am: Olympic Lifting Basics: The Clean w/ John

Feb 21st @ 11am: Shoulder Movement and Mobility w. Jess

Feb 28th @ 11am: Kipping with Meg


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