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12/14/2020 - 12/20/2020

Weekly Announcements

1) Gifts Due This THURSDAY!

Vickery Angels for Spence Middle School

Details in Email and FB Page about wrapping gifts and bringing in a box.

2) Holiday and New Year Schedule

Wed Dec 23rd: 12pm 4:30pm, an 5:30pm Group Classes Only

Thursday Dec 24th: 10am Class - 12 Days of Christmas Workout

Friday Dec 25th: Closed

Saturday Dec 26th: 9am Class Only

Thursday Dec 31st:: 9am and 10am Group Class

Friday Jan 1: 10am Community Class

Open Gym Add On: $35

If these hours don't work

3) The Lifestyle Plan @ Vickery Athletics

Jan 15th - 25th (70 Days)

We will be working a good friend and mentor Roberto. Follow him and his brand on Instagram.

We want serious applicants only.


More info coming via video THIS WEEK!



A) 7min Amrap

5 Up to Down Dog to Shoulder to Taps

20sec Ring/Box Dip Hold

5 Dip Negatives

2 Burpees


B) 15 min Amrap

10 UB DB Bench Press

5/5 Mix Grip Strict Pullup

12 Ring Dips > Box Dips > 7 Dip Negatives > 14 Bench Dips

10 Full 100% Rower Pulls on 10/8.5 Damper


C) 3 Sets

25sec L Hang or Knee Raise Hold

Right into

3min Amrap

15 Burpees

15 Wallballs




A) Every 2.5min x 4 sets

10 Snatch Grip DL

10 Behind the Neck Snatch Grip Snatch Drops

10 Hang Power Snatch


B) E2MOM x 5 sets

8-12 Frog Stance DL

8/8 SL Hip Bridge


C) E2MOM x 4 Sets

4 Box Jump (30/24)

8 KBS (70/53)

12sec AB Sprint @ 100%


E2MOM x 4 Sets

14 Alternating Plate Jump Lunges

12sec Row @ 100%



A) 18min Running Clock:

Row Continuously @ moderate pace

*At the 0, 6, 12min mark get off the rower

and complete

30 Bench Dips

*At the 3, 9, 15min mark get off the rower

and complete

15 Hand Release T Push Ups

-Rest and Transition 4-5min-

B) 18min Running Clock:

AB Continuously @ moderate pace

*At the 0, 6, 12min mark get off the bike

and complete

15 Dual KB/DB Curl to Press

*At the 3, 9, 15min mark get off the bike and


20 Ring Face Pulls



A) 10min Amrap

10 Reps of 1-1/4 Barbell Z Press

10 Barbell Bent Over Rows




B) 10min Amrap

12 Tall Kneeling KB Goblet Press

12 DB Hammer Curls




C) 10min Amrap

12 Kipping Pullups

Wall Walk to 12 Alternating Shoulder Taps



A) 6min Amrap

10/10SL Hip Bridge on Bench

10/10 Kick Stand Pistol Squat


B) 5x10 Box Squat*

*Control Down, Deload on Bench/Box, Explode Up



C) 5 Rounds for Quality

10 Alternating Strict SL Toes to Bar

20sec/ Arm Single Arm Tall Plank

6 KB/DB Front Rack Squats (70/53)

20sec Overhead Hold w/ KB/DB



A) 3 Rounds

7 Reverse Flies

6 Banded In and Out Pushups

5 Inch Worm to Up Dog

4 Burpees


B) 3 Sets

50 Double Unders > Jumping Jacks.

8 Dual KB Gorilla Rows

10 Jumping Pushups

12 Feet Elevated Ring Rows

50 Double Unders

R90s Between Rounds

C) 3 Sets

12 Burpees

6 Renegade Row (Push up + 1 Arm Row = 1 rep)

8 Db Push Press (same wt as RenR)

10 Bench Deps

12 Burpees




No Coach staffed Open Gym anymore. Only Open Gym Add On Members.

Sunday Specialty classes will start in Jan and will be included in membership.


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