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11/6/2023 - 11/12/2023

Updated: Nov 6, 2023


1) Vickery Thanksgiving Potluck

When:? Saturday November 18th

Time? 1:00pm Where? Vickery Athletics What? Come hang out at the gym and bring your favorite thanksgiving dish, side, dessert, or specialty drink. Make or buy it! We will hang out at the gym and play some party games. Vickery willl proivide additional beverages,



A) EMOM x 5min

10 scap pullups

10 scap pushups

10 Yoga Push Ups


B) 5 Sets in 20min

10 Incline DB HG BP @3011

100m Hvy KB FC


C) 15min AMRAP at a steady pace switching with a partner.

P1: 10 Box Def Push Up > Regular Pushups > Inclined Push Ups

P2: 16/13 Cal Row or 14/11 Cal Echo



A) E2mom x 4 sets

30sec Dead Bug Hold

30sec Superman Hold

14 Db Reverse Lunge

5 Squat Jumps


B) In 20min Perform the Following...

5 Sets

10 Thrusters

Right into...

18 Jumping Lunges



C) 12min Amrap

20s L-Hang

20 Straight Leg Situps



A) 5 Sets in 10min

1,2,3,4,5 Strict Pullup Ladder


B) E4MOM x 4 Sets

8 Bentover Barbell Row


12 Supinated Barbell Body Row



D) With Partner

200 Total Empty Barbell Curls (20 UB at a time)

200 Tricep Kick Backs (10/side UB at a time)



A) 8 Rounds for Total Time*

*alternating rounds w a partner (4 each)

12 Dual Kb DeadLifts

15 Burpees

50 Double Unders


B) 8 Rounds for Total Time*

*alternating rounds w a partner (4 each)

10 DB PC

30 Mountain Climbers (R/L = 2)

10 Lateral PVC Jump Overs (24/20)



A) E3MOM x 15

12-15 BB glute bridge

*All sets heavy

10-15 UB T2B


B) 5 Sets

B1) 10-12/side KickStand RDL


B2) 10-15 Anchored Wtd Situps


B3) 60/side Side Plank

No Rest, Back to B1



A) 5x10 Barbell Strict Press



B) Karen

150 Wallballs for Time (20/14)



This Nov 12th: Arms w/ Stefan

Upcoming Sundays

Nov 19th: Movement Therapy w/ Jess

Mov 26th: Cancelled for Thanksgiving

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