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10/25/2021 - 10/31/2021

Weekly Announcements

1) The Dirty Dog Deload Week

Time to take a week off mentally from structured programming before jumping into the next cycle. More in the video below!

2) No Sunday Specialty Class this weekend.

Enjoy Halloween!

(Open gym is access is always allowed during holiday hours)



A) 60s per side Pigeon Stretch


3 Rounds as a Group

60sec Bottom of Squat

20 Alt Hip 90/90 Hip Rotations

20 Alt Bottom of Squat Knee Taps


B) 3 Rounds

8min AMRAP

200m Run with Wallball

10 Wallball Full Cleans

10 Wallballs

Immediately into...

2min Steady Wallball Over Shoulder

*Pick up where you left off


HELIOS "Laying Around" TUESDAY

A) 7min

30sec on/30sec off

Dead Bugs


B) 30min Emom

Min 1: 40s Backward Bear Crawl DB Drag

Min 2: 30sec Russian Twist

Min 3 : 12 Push Ups



A) 40min for Quality

50m Farmers Carry (70/53)

20 Trap Shrugs


20 Lateral Side Raises

20 Alt Primal Hold Shoulder Taps


20 Hang Power Cleans (155/105)

Rest as Needed



A) 2 Rounds

850m run

30 Pullups

40 per leg Kb/Db Front Rack Box step up


CHURRO "Shy Guy Hanging Out Against the Wall" FRIDAY

A) Bullet Proof Shoulder Variation as a Class


B) Buy In

10 Wall Walks


20min Amrap

20 Toes to Bar

20 Elbow to Opposite Knee Mountain Climbers

60sec Accum Wallsit


Buy Out

10 Wall Walks


FINNLEY "Happy just to be here w/ friends" SATURDAY

Groups of 3

4 Rounds

600m Row (200m @ a time )

60 Burpees (20 @ a time)

60 Box Jump (20 @ a time)

300 Double Unders (100 @ a time)

42min Cap



This Sunday Oct 31st- Cancelled bc Halloween Weekend

Upcoming Sundays

Nov 7- Movement Therapy w/ Jess


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