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10/17/2022 - 10/23/2022

Weekly Announcements

1) Vickery Halloween Costume Party - Friday October 28th

LOCATION: @ the Gym

8:00pm start

Drinks Provided

Costumes 100% Encouraged



A) 15min AMRAP

20 Total Standing LM Rotations

50 DU

50 Wallball Chest Pass


B) 25min AMRAP w/ a Partner

Alternating Rounds

300/250m row

10 HR Push Ups

10 No Push Up Burpee Over Row



A) 4 Rounds

45sec/side Jefferson Split Squat Hold

12 Supinated DB Curls @3011


B) E3MOM x 10 Sets

10 BackSquat @2011 (focus on 1 second at the top)

10 Pull Up (No dropping)



A) Emom x 40min

Min 1: 13/10 Cal Echo

Min 2: 40sec of Anchored Weighted Sit Ups

Min 3: 8-12 Bodyweight Tricep Extensions

Min 4: 50sec any plank



A) 5 Rounds

10 DB Front Raises

10/side External Rotations

12 Banded Good Mornings


B) E3MOM x 10 Sets

11 Deadlift @ 30X1

12 DB HG BP @30x1



A) 25min Running Clock

10 Body Rows

10 DB Strict Press

300m Run



B) Every 3min for 4 Sets

20sec Echo Sprint @100% for Max Cals



AMRAP in 30 minutes:

Teams of 3

30 Box Jump Step Down

30 Cal Row

30 Suitcases

Every 5 minutes Teams do 10 No Push up Burpees together Starting at 0:00



This Sunday Oct 23rd: Movement Therapy w/ Jess: Hamstring Mobility and Function

Upcoming Sunday Specialty Class Schedule

Oct 30th: Cardio and Abs


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