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10/16/2023 - 10/22/2023


1) 2nd Week of New Program Cycle

If you wanna know more about it. Go look at last week blog post.



5 Sets in 17min

A1) 10-12 Incline DB Bench Press

Immediately into...

A2) Amrap (-1) Dynamic Plate Push Ups



4 Sets in 12min

B1) 10 DB Fly On a Bench @4211

Immedaitely into...

B2) 8-20 Max Toes to Bar > toes to ring > hanging knee raise hold

*Rest with whatever time you can to get all 4 sets in


E2MOM x 18min

Min 1: 18/14cal Echo

Min 2: 20/15 cal Row

Min 3 :20 DU

8/side DB Hang Snatch



A) 4x12/Side Deficit Curtsy Squat w Goblet Hold


B) 15min to Perform

5x8-10 Back Squat @31x1


C) 5 Sets in 12min

10 Side Lying Db/PLate External Rotations

12 Wtd Superman to Prisoners


D) 10min EMOM

Min 1: 20 UB Wallballs

Min 2: 30sec Forearm Plank



A) 5x12/side in 12min

Single Arm Ring Row (slow controlled)


B) 1-10

Chin Up

KB Upright Row

15min Cap


C) 4x12 in 10min @ 3010

Std DB Supinated Curl


D) 550m DB Carry (~65/45lb)



A) 4 Sets

20s Hanging Right Leg Hold


20s Hanging Left Leg Hold

20s Rest


B) 5x10/side Front to Back Fire Hydrants


C) 15 sets in teams of 3

10 Hi Hang Power Clean

25/20 Cal Echo

*5 Rounds per team member

*Each person completes entire round before next person can start


*A person starts every 2min



4 sets

A1) 10 Light Bbell Good Morning

A2) 10 Hamstring Walk in/out

A3) 10/Side Unweighted Cossack Sqaut


B) 5x10 Bbell RDL


C) 4x8/side HVY Goblet Hold Drop Lunge


D) Amrap 12min w a Partner

20 KB Front Rack Walking Lunge Steps

*switch every 20



A) E3MOM x 6 Sets

1/2 Kneeling LM Strict Press

5-12 Strict Pullups


C) 6 Sets

400m Run

Rest 1:1



This Oct 22nd: Arms w/ Stefan

Upcoming Sundays

Oct 29th: Movement Therapy w/ Jess

Nov 5th: Double Under AND Toes to Bar Skill Work

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