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1/4/2021 - 1/10/2021

Weekly Announcements

1) The Lifestyle Plan @ Vickery Athletics

Jan 15th - March 25th (70 Days)

Registration Ends Jan 10th - THIS SUNDAY!

If you are apart of this already expect an email this week with some updates, private fb invite, and a timeline of what to expect.

2) Sunday Specialty Class this Week Double Under Skills with Zach @ 11am


The back area next to the garage no longer exists.

Please leave your stuff in the cubbies upfront.

You are welcome to leave out the front now as well.



A) Emom x 8min

2-4 Bodyweight Complexes

-Push up to Shoulder Tap Rt

-Push up to Shoulder Tap Lft

-Primal Shoot Through Rt

-Primal Shoot Through Lft

Down to Up Dogs in Time Remaining


B) 6 Sets in 17min

Incline Barbell Bench Press

12, 8, 6, ,6 ,6, 6

Superset Post Set

3.3 Mixed Grip Strict Pullups (weighted if needed)


C) Emom x 10min

Min 1: 8 Push Ups into 8 Superman to Prisoners

Min 2: 10 Burpees



A) 3 Rounds w/ one KB or DB

10 Sumo DL

8 Sumo Squats

6 Bent Over Rows


B) 6 x 10 RDL



C) Every 90s x 13sets (21min)

12secs @95% on Row or AB

10 Hvy Lunge Steps (~65/45)



A) 40min AMRAP

200m Run

20 Bench Dips

20 Box Step Overs

400m Run

20 Moderate Unbroken Demon Press

20 Box Step overs

800m Run

20/side Plank Hip Taps

20 Box Step Overs

*Weight the step overs if you missed Tuesday.



A) E2min x 7 Sets (14min)

Press Complex*

4 Strict Press

3 Push Press

*3sec down on all reps


B) 4 Sets in 14min

Max UB Toes to Bar > Toes to Ring > GOOD Kipping Knee Raise > Knee Raise Hanging Hold

10-14 Slightly Bent Over Hvy Lateral Raise*

*After your final set of Lateral Raises drop weight to 2.5lbs -8lbs and do a set of 25-35 reps


C) 3 Rounds in 10min

100m Hvy Cross Body Carry

10 Dips right into 10 Dip Hold Knee Tuck ups* > 6-8 Negative Dips into 10 Dip Hold Knee Tucks > 10 Push Ups into 10 Suitcases

*Can use box or rings, also can add weight if needed



A) 10min Amrap

10/side Clamshell Side Planks

10 Banded Hip Bridges

12 Alternating Weighted 90/90 Hip Rotation


B) Box/Bench Squat in 15min


* Building Weight if needed


C) 20min Amrap

10-12/side BW BSS Jumps

8-10/Leg Foot Elevated SL Hip Bridge

8-10 KB Sumo Jump Squats



4 Sets

A1) 12/side Tripod Rows


A2) 12-15 Overhead Tricep Extensions



B) 6 Sets

200 Run

10 Hang Power Snatches

8 Burpee Over Barbell



SUNDAY @ 11am

Double Under Skills Class

Please register on Pike13 App

50-60min to work on learning or progressing your double unders. While getting double unders takes time outside of classes, hopefully here we can give you tools and drills to help guide your own practice.

Upcoming Sunday

Jan 17th: Aerobic Conditioning Workout w/ Zach

Jan 24th: Hip Mobility Skills Class w/ Jess

Jan 31st: Kipping Skills Class w/ Meg


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