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tHe LifeStyle Plan
Jan 15th- March 25th

Welcome to the registration page for The Lifestyle Plan by Roberto Rueda customized for Vickery Athletics. This 70 day plan is for Vickery members who are actively going to classes or plan to start. 

Please fill this form out as honestly as you can.  

All information, pictures, weights, and EVERYTHING will stay private. Only Roberto and Zach will see and have access. 

Before charging forward into the unknown, take time to think about the commitment this will take. You will have to want to make a change. We will not do it for you!

Watch the interview with Roberto and discussion around this challenge it may help clear up questions.

Cost: $305 per person (charged Jan 10th, 2021)

Registration Deadline: Jan 10th

Required of Participants: While the plan does have some flexibility with different lifestyles and eating habits...we will require participants to do the following. 

- Log food daily on a smart phone app call Cronometer (iOS or Android)

- Day 1, day 40, and final pictures 

- Beginning, Day 40, and Final InBody Scans at Vickery. 

- Purchase a digital food scale. Link to the one we have!

As of Jan 15th, 2021 all purchases of Lifestyle Plans are final. 

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