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1/30/2023 - 2/5/2023



Here is the link for the new Vickery Athletics Apparel orders.

Some quick Q&A about this order... 1) When is the pre-order deadline: SUNDAY Feb 5 2) Do I HAVE to order in a BUNDLE? Yes you do 3) BUT I only want the Crew Neck. That is not a question and life is not fair, you can only order the bundle. 4) What is the difference between the male and female bundles? The crewneck is the EXACT SAME unisex crewneck for both bundles. The difference is shorts and short length/sizing. Though if you seek shorter or longer shorts, please feel free to select the appropriate bundle. 5) What are the exact sizings of both garments ? The details are given on each garment in full on the store website linked



A) 4 Rounds in 12min

10/leg Stagger Stance Hinges

10 Push up to Down Dog

200/150m Row (Fast)


B) In 13min Perform...

5x10 Incline Bench Press @20x1



C) Every 3:30 x 5 Sets

10 RDL @20X1

10 DB Push Ups

200/150m Row Sprint



A) 3 Rounds in 12min

ALAP Dead Hang (Up to 60s)

ALAP Static Hold (Up to 30s)

5-10 Negatives


B) 2 Rounds 10min

3x10 Seal Row

400m Run


C) EMOM x 20min

Min 1: 5-10 Pullups

Min 2: 10-12 Flat Bench DB Skull Crusher



A) 2min/side Elevated Pigeon Stretch


B) EMOM x 14min

Min 1: 5 90degree Rt Heel Touches

5 90degree Lft Heel Touches

10 90 Rotations

Min 2: 12 RKBS to Clean


C) Back Squat @ 3021

10, 10, 8, 8, 6, 6

Btwn Sets

15-20 Medball Suitcases



A) EMOM x 18min

Min 1: 8/side Half Kneeling Strict Press

Min 2: 12/10 Echo Bike Cals

Min 3: 45sec Crab Bridge Hold


B) EMOM x 18min

Min 1: 10 Seated HG DB Strict Press

Min 2: 12/10 Cal Row

Min 3: 50sec KB FR Hold



A) 3 Rounds in 12min

ALAP Dead Hang (Up to 60s)

ALAP Static Hold (Up to 30s)

5-10 Negatives OR Pullups


B) 5 Rounds

20 Low Barbell Tricep Push Ups

15 Supinated DB Curl

20/side BW Calf Raises


C) EMOM x 10min

Chin Ups



A) Groups of 3

5 Rounds

50 Wallballs

50 Burpees

50 Cals on Echo



THIS SUNDAY: 2/5 Arms w/ Stefan - Bicep Focus

Upcoming Sundays

2/12 - Leg Pump w/ Bill

2/19 - Movement Therapy w/ Jess

2/26 - Arms and Core w/ Zach


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