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7/20/2020 - 7/26/2020

Weekly Announcements

Happy 6 Year Anniversary Vickery Athletics!

1) IMPORTANT- More Details in email -Starting this week we will require ALL members to bring THEIR own towel or rag to the gym for personal use.

-This is specifically used to wipe your own sweat, NOT clean the equipment.

-If you forget to bring a towel or rag, we will have some on sale in retail area.

-There are NO exceptions to this rule. Forgot your sweat rag... buy one.

-PLEASE wash or change out your towel regularly...........

-ANY towels left behind will be thrown away that night.

2) New Program - Also Starting this week is a new program we will start to follow for 12 weeks. Many different options and scales will be available. We will have scales for bench press and squat if you'd like to keep a bit more socially distant. Please check emails for write up on Monday

3) Remember to stay up to date on gym Covid/cleaning announcements here -

4) One on One Movement/Maintenance Treatment from Jess!

5) Make sure to join the Vickery Members Private Fb Group. Search "Vickery Athletics Member" and request to join.



A) Bench Press @31x1

2x12 Building/Warm Up

4x12 Working Sets

Scale: 6x12 DB Bench Press @ 31x1


B) 3x20 Standing Overhead Db Extensions



C) 5 Rounds

10/10 Hang DB Snatch

12 Burpees



A) 2500/2200 Meter Row

10min Cap


B) E2MOMx 10min

25 Abmat Situps

35 DU > JJ


C) EMOMx 10min

12/10 Cal AB



A) Back Squat @31x1

2x12 Building/Warm Up

4x12 Working Set


5 Sets

B1) 5-12 Strict Pullups (one ub set)

B2) 12 per side Bench Supported Db or Kb Rows



A) 15min Amrap

10 Leg Swings Per Side

60s Jump Rope

10 Pushup to Down Dog

10/10/10 Y's/T's/A's


B) 4 rounds

800m Run (5min cap)

20 Strict Press

24min Cap



4 Sets

A1) 12 Hammer DB Curl


A2) 60sec Max Supinated Barbell Curl



B) 5x15 RDL @31x1



C) 8min Amrap

20 Suit Cases

10/Side Plank Taps

20 Alt Knee To Opposite Elbow Mountain Climbers



5 Rounds for Time

20 Burpees

Run to School Front Lot

20 Airsquats

Run Back


Sunday Open Gym

11am -1pm

You still have to register for Open gym.


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