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9/11/2023 - 9/17/2023

Updated: Sep 11, 2023


1) End of Summer VA T Shirt

-Pre- Order via the link below

-Order DEADLINE is THIS WEEK by Friday 9/15

*We do have a large example blank shirt on the front desk. Zach is an XL in this blank. Stefan is a tight medium or the large fits loose on him. Alternative Unisex Tee - 60/40 combed ring-spun cotton/recycled polyester



A) For Quality in 14min


Bbell Strict Press

BW/DB Hip Bridge

60sec Forewarm Plank btwn sets


B) Deadlift in 22min*

1x10 Warm Up

1x7 Building

2x5 Building

4x5 Working

*Superset each set w/ 8 Hammergrip Seated DB Press



A) Emom x 15min

Min1: 12 Ring Row Curls

Min 2: 10-14 Sup. Db Skull Crushers

Min 3: 50sec Primal Shoulder Taps


B) Every 4min for 5 sets

10 Weighted Push Ups

10 Supinated DB Curl @3111

20 Wtd Anchor Sit Ups


C) EMOM x 10min

Chin Ups



A) For Quality in 14min


Inverted Row

Goblet Squat

60sec Bottom of Squat on Last Rep


B) Back Squar in 22min*

1x10 Warm Up

1x7 Building

2x5 Building

4x5 Working

*Superset each set w/ 8/side Lawnmower Row



A) 4 Rounds in 12min

Building Bench Press Reps

10/side External Rotation

3 Pullups @3111 > 10 Scap Pullups @2112


B) Bench Press in 15min

5x4 @2010


C) 5sets in 15min

5 Weighted Pullup

7 DB Incline HG BP



A) 20min Emom

Min 1: 200/175m Row (50s Cap)

Min 2: 15 DU and 6 Burpees


20min Emom

Min 1: 8 Toes to bar

Min 2: 12/9 Cal Echo



A) EMOM x 36min (6 rounds)

Min 1: 100m Run

Min 2: 30sec Bodyweight Tricep Row

Min 3: 1min of Single Unders

Min 4: 30sec Ring Curl

Min 5: 13/10 Cal Echo

Min 6: 30sec of Wallball



This Sunday Sep 17: Cardio and Abs w/ Brie

Upcoming Sundays

Sep 24: Arms w/ Stefan

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