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8/17/2020 - 8/23/2020

Weekly Announcements

Email Update Sent Out 8/16

1) SIGN IN- Starting tomorrow (8/16) Online/App Sign up to class will cut off TEN MINUTES BEFORE CLASS STARTS.

2) SATURDAY CLASS TIMES- Class times on Saturday changed to 9:00am and 10:00am.

3) As of now Jess will no longer be doing movement work on people at Vickery on Sundays. We are super happy to announce she started a position at The Sports Pod ( as a Movement Specialist. Not to worry though, y'all can still see her for treatment, contact her directly for details at

4) Make sure to join the Vickery Members Private Fb Group. Search "Vickery Athletics Member" and request to join.



A) Bench Press @31x1

2x6 Building Up

4x6 Working Sets (all heavy as possible w tempo)


B) 25 Reps* of this flow:⠀

Pushup + Right Shoulder Tap⠀

Pushup + Left Shoulder Tap⠀

Pushup + Right Leg Shoot Through

Pushup + Left Leg Shoot Through

*This is one Repetition


C) 1000m Row Time Trial

4min Male Cap

4:30 Femal Cap



A) 34min Amrap Alternating Rounds w/ a Partner

10 Weighted BoxStep Overs (singe side weighted)

10/side Db Snatch

10 Box Jump



4 Sets

A1) 6-10 Negatives

A2) 12 Inverted Barbell Rows in Rack

A3) 10 Cossack Sqauts

A4) 12 Jumping Airsquats


B) Back Squat @31x1

2x6 Building Up

4x6 Working Sets (all heavy as possible w tempo)


C) 3min/side Pigeon Stretch Cool Down



A) 10 sets total (5 sets each w a partner)

60sec Koji Overhead Hold

15sec Trans


B) 50/40 Cal AB (either beginning or end, not both)

400m Run

40 DB/Kb Push Press

400m Run

40 Mountain Climbers

400m Run

40 Burpees

400m Run

50/40 Cal AB (either beginning or end, not both)



A) 5x12 Reverse Fly @ 31x1



B) 60/side Side Plank Hip Taps


C) 60sec Top of Ring Row Hold

60s rest


D) 50 Weighted Anchor Sit Ups @ 31x1


E) 5x10 Supinated Bent Over Barbell Row @ 31x1




Remember Classes Changed to 9am and 10am!

Run around block



Power clean/DB power clean




Run around block


Sunday Open Gym

11am -1pm

You still have to register for Open gym.


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