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3/2/2020 - 3/8/2020


-St Paddys Day Party (March 14th) - Facebook Private Event

- Go Be Great Charity Workout (March 21st)

SUNDAY SKILLS Handstands w/ Brie



MONDAY A) Hammer Grip DB Bench @ 31X1 1x10 Warm Up 5x15 Working Rest ~75 + B) 4x12 Single Arm Db/Kb Row R30s Between sides + AFAP 50 Hang Power Cleans (135/95) 5min Time Cap


TUESDAY 5 Rounds For Time 400m Run 30 Box Jump 30 Wallball 32min Cap


WEDNESDAY 20min Emom Min 1: 10 Burpees 10 H DB Snatch Min 2: Rest + 15min Emom Min 1: 15 KBS 5 Burpees Min 2: Rest


THURSDAY A) Seated DB Press (45 degree) @31X1 1x10 Warm Up 5x15 Working Rest ~75 + B) 5x12 Prone Y Reverse Fly + 5 Sets C1) 15 Strict Pullups C2) 20 Side Taps Right C3) 20 Side Taps Left


FRIDAY A)Front Squat @ 31X1* 1x10 W/U Sets 5x15 Working *Heels Elevated if needed + B) 4x15/Side SL Toe Elevated RDL @31x1 + C) 4x12/side Single Leg Calf Raises *Use assistance or weight if needed + D) 400m Farmers Carry for Time (53kb/60db or 35kb/40db)


SATURDAY 9am Strength Saturdays A) 150 Push Ups for Quality + B) 6 Sets AMRAP Chin Up Hold + C) 4x 12 Db Supinated Curls @31x1 + D) 4x15 OH Tricep Extension + E) 200 Situps for time Saturday Community Class 6 Rounds 3min Amraps 30 Wallballs 30 DU/Ball Jumps 30 Mountain Climbers Rest 3min


SUNDAY SKILLS Handstands w/ Brie


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