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3/18/2020 - 3/22/2020

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

IMPORTANT Announcements (Updated Thurs 3/18) 12:00pm

Thursday UPDATE!

1) Gym closure by city of Dallas until end of April: This is mandatory, we are following it. Talked more about this and updates on the stream today (the stream is in two parts today bc the internet cut out)

2) EQUIPMENT CHECK OUT: We covered this on stream this morning as well.

We will be checking out EVERYTHING from the gym you can fit into a car, rowers, ab, bars, anything extra that you think would be useful from home.

Equipment Check Out: Thursday 5-6:30pm and Friday 11:30-1pm

*****IMPORTANT EQUIP CHECKOUT GUIDELINES! I know i said on stream to line up in the alley. DO NOT GO INTO THE ALLEY. It is blocked by construction allllll day. Pull up front. We will let you in first come first serve in small groups.

3) Google Doc Stream/Vickery Calendar for next 2 weeks!

This will change by end of the day tomorrow when I approve and add more times with coaches and seminars. So please check back daily. We will be doing fun things to keep all of us occupied, coaching stuff, outside the gym educational stuff, movement therapy, skill sessions and dog sleeping streams.

4) Where we will stream coaching and gym stuff?: We will be using Twitch to stream everything related to the gym.

This is going to be the way we stay connected and together in this time where we have to be apart. Please take 10-15min to download the app on your phone, follow VickeryAtheltics, and explore the app.

-If the stream messes up it is a learning process for me. Please be patient. I will get it fixed and back up (it messed up for todays stream and split the archived video into two parts.

4) Programming will be posted as usual on Vickery Website. We will stream coaching daily and other fitness related things to keep y'all busy throughout this hectic time.

5) Financials: I covered some stuff on stream today. Go watch the archived video to check it out.

Reach out with questions for anything.


Zachary Albert Morman


WEDNESDAY Remember to tune into coaching stream at 10am! Check emails and updates in above announcements to make sure you are up to date on everything. Warm Up 8min Amrap 10 Scap Push Ups 10 per side elbow to instep and rotate towards forward leg 10 Down dog to up dog Workout A) Emom x 10min 10 Bent over Plate/DB Rows 10 Standing Tall Plate Heart Beat Pulses* *sample video... try not to roll the shoulders forward like her.... shoulders back and down. + B) Emom X 30min Min 1: 16 (8per side) Db/Kb Snatch (or do 20 broom/mop power snatches) Min 2: 30 sec Russian Twists Min 3: 50sec of Single Unders or 100m Run


THURSDAY Remember to check google doc stream calendar daily. Follow VickeryAthletics on twitch for coaching and content. Warm Up 800m Run 60sec/side calf stretch on db or kb 60 Bottom of squat (stay active and mov around) 20 Bootstrappers 90sec/side Pigeon Stretch Workout A) For Time 125 Air Squats 100 Puhs Ups 75 Sit Ups 50 Jump Overs (Jump over something! Knee height about) 40 Plate to Overhead


FRIDAY Remember to check google doc stream calendar daily. Follow VickeryAthletics on twitch for coaching and content. Warm Up 1x through 30sec each direction Shoulder Circles 60sec Soldier Kicks (Kick to opposite hand and drive heel down) 15 Inchworm to Pushup to Down dog Workout A) Emom x 12min Min 1: 10 Standing Plate Two Handed Curls Min 2: 6/6 Plate around the worlds + B) Emom x 12min Min 1: 30 sec Plate Row Holds (bent over in hinge, hold plate to chest at top of row) Min 2: 12 Feet Together NP Burpees + C) Emom x 12min Min 1: 30 Sec Bicycle Crunches Min 2: 45 Sec Superman Hold Restin roughly 2 min between these 12min EMOMS


SATURDAY Warm Up 60sec Weak Cat Strong Cat (cat cows) 60sec Eygption Arm Twists (look at palm up) 30sec Neck Roll one way 30sec Neck Roll the other way 60sec Jefferson Curls 60sec Scorpions on ground Workout *Adjust reps if needed to your specific weight *Rest 60s between sets A) 4x15 @31x1 Standing Plate Tricep Extensions + B) 4x15 @31x1 Plate RDLs* *hold plate flat to your body + C) 4x12/side @31x1 Db/KB Strict Press + C) 4x15 @31x1 Kb/DB/Plate Back Squats


SUNDAY 12pm Stream on Twitch Sarcastic Yoga w/ your Spirt Guide Zach "The Light" Morman 30min of deep stretches (actually stretching) and semi motivational speak and healings. Get loose and stay lighthearted Yoga mat or playmat helps... or carpet. Somewhere soft to do some deep stretching.

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