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3/14/2022 - 3/20/2022

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

Weekly Announcements

1) VA Intramural Open 2022: Battle of the Hogwarts Houses


Checkout Week 3/Overall Scoring Details on Intramural Page

2) New Programming Cycle: Quick Video Walkthrough Below

10 Week Cycle: March 14th-May20th

3) Regular Cubby Cleanouts!

EVERY Friday Evening ALL the Cubbies will be cleaned out upfront and items will be donated.

Vickery will not responsible for items left and donated.



A) EMOM x 6min

Min 1: 40sec Hanging/Scap Pullups

Min 2: 40sec Air Squat to Target if needed


B) EMOM x 10min*

Pullups> Negative > Barbell Pullups

*Goal is to hold a consistent number across all minutes

*Don't go more than breaking twice (ex3/2/1= 6 reps) That would be the max breaks to get to six reps. More reps is not always better.

*Being able to do 5 unbroken consistent strict pullups is harder than doign 6 with two breaks.

*Go for quality not quantity


4 Sets in 16min

C1) 12/leg Plate Hold Step ups @ controlled descent


C2) 15 Goblet Hold Cyclist Squat @30x1



D) 30-20-10 in 12min

Tripod Row w/ 1sec Hold @ Top (50/35)

Jumping Deficit Lunges



A) EMOM x 12min

Min 1: 12-15 Tall Kneeling Barbell Strict Press

Min 2: 10-12/leg Land Mine(LM) Split Stance RDL


5 Sets in 20min

B1) 8-10 Db Bench Press @4211

B2)12-15 Barbell RDL @ 31x1


C) 10min Amrap


8 Deficit Push Ups



A) With a Partner 40min AMRAP

4min Row for Meters (goal = 1000m/900m)

*after each set perform the following

8 Strict T2b > K2E > 30sec Accum KR Hold

20 Hollow Rocks > Bent Knee



A) 3 Rounds in 9min

10 Scap Chin Ups

10 Weighted Pass Through

10 Tall Kneeling LM Goblet Press


B) 3 Unbroken Sets in 12min

12-15 Cuban Press w/ Barbell or Wtd PVC

12-15 Tall Kneeling DB Supinated Curls


C) EMOM x 10min

Min 1: 8-12 Bodyweight Tricep Extensions

Min 2: 10 Burpees


D) 3 Rounds in 11min

60sec KB Front Rack Hold

60/side Side Plank Right

60/side Side Plank Left



A) 15min AMRAP

200m Run (increasing pace per round)

15/leg Hip Bridge

6 Box Jump (Increasing difficulty per round)


5 Sets

B1) 12/side Jumping Bulg Split Sqaut


B2) 20 Frog Stance Deadlift



C) EMOM x 10min

10 Wtd Walking Lunges (50/35)



A) E2MOM x 36min

MIn 0-2

100m Run

10 Push Ups

Min 2-4

25 Slam Balls

Min 4-6

25 Ab Mat SIt Ups



This Sunday March 20th: Gymnastic Skills w/ Stefan - The Handstand

Skills and drills to get your first handstand or progress your already good handstand.

Upcoming Sunday Specialty Class Schedule

March 27th: Arm Day w/ Stefan


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