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12/6/2021 - 12/12/2021

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

Weekly Announcements

1) Vickery Holiday Party Saturday December 11th

4:30pm @ San Martin (Food and Drink provided Post San Martin (630pm) Mayers Garden

RSVP Below Please

2) Spence Christmas Angel Tree Info (Again)

- If you have a size question or other question please text me.

3) Reminder NEW CLASS TIME

Mon, Wed, and Fri we will have a 7:45am Class Time

**Friday 6:30pm classes are cancelled moving forward



Reminder: We now have a 7:45am class Mon/Wed/Fri

A) 4 Sets

20 Suitcases > Straight leg sit ups

60sec UB Plank



B1) 5 Sets in 20min

8-10 Bench Press @2010

Immedaitely into...

15-20 Amrap DB Incline Fly

Rest 90-120s


C) 6 Sets w/ a partner*

2:30min Max Row for Meters

*3 sets each



For Time Splitting Reps Evenly

30 Snatches* (155/105)

*DB Scale

60 Db DL

60 Squats

60 Db Push Press


20 Rounds

10 Pullups > Jumping C2B

100m run


30 Front Squats (155/105)

Cap 25min



Reminder: We now have a 7:45am class Mon/Wed/Fri

A) 5 Sets in 14min

100m Front Rack KB Carry


4 Sets in 14min

B1) 12-15 OH Tricep Extensions


B2) 8-10/side Heavy Chainsaw Row



C) 5 sets

1min on 2min off

135/95 Barbell Hold



10 Sets w/ a Partner*

12 Light Devil Press

25/20 Cal Row or AB

*Each partner does an entire round at one time

*5 rounds each



Reminder: We now have a 7:45am class Mon/Wed/Fri

A) 4x12 @3010

Barbell RDL


B)4x12 @3010

Seated Supinated DB Curl



C) 3x 20 Tall to Low Planks



D) 4x12

Standing Curl Bar Preacher Curl



E) With a Partner for Time


Abmat Situps



A) Strict Press

5 working sets of 3 Reps



B) 5x10 Heavy Barbell Hip Bridge on Bench*

*1 Sec hold at the top


C) 5 Rounds for time:

50 Air squats

400m Run


Sunday Specialty Class

Dec 12th: Movement Therapy w/ Jess (Shoulders)

Upcoming Sundays

Dec 19th: Arm Day w/ Zach

Dec 26th: Cancelled for Xmas Holiday


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